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“The Baltic Movement to Obfuscate the Holocaust” in Alex J. Kay and David Stahel (eds.), Reconceiving Nazi Criminality: New Debates and Perspectives [in press].

“Free Trade Awry? The Westward Export of Double Genocide” in Danielle Buschinger et al., (eds), Mélanges offerts à Jeff Richards par ses amis à l’occasion de son 65e anniversaire, Centre d’Etudes Médiévales de la Picardie, Amiens 2017 [in press].

Dovid and Goliath: Writings on East European Holocaust Revisionism and Antisemitism, 2007-2017 [in preparation].



22 November 2016.  ISGAP Flashpoint: ‘Antisemitism in the twenty-first century shtetl’ by Dovid Katz.

18 November 2016.  Dapim: Studies on the Holocaust (University of Haifa, Institute for Holocaust Research), vol. 30, no. 3, pp. 1–30: ‘Is East European “Double Genocide” revisionism reaching museums?’ by Dovid Katz.

16 November 2016. ‘Vilnius remembers Valerijus Čekmonas on his 80th’ by Dovid Katz.

1 November 2016.  Defending History: ‘Barring a Jew from prayer services is a human rights issue’.

22 October 2016. Defending History: ‘Did “Double Genocide” just get to the “O’Reilly Factor”?’.

10 October 2016.  Jewish Currents: ‘When “Putin” becomes an excuse for Hitler-glorification’.

20 September 2016.  Defending History: ‘Yiddish loses last global position as symbolic “first Jewish language” in Vilnius’.

14 September 2016. Defending History: ‘Media coverage of the Malát (Molėtai) Holocaust Remembrance Project’.

13 September 2016.  Defending History: ‘Att. Mr. Mayor of Vilnius: Streets named for Hitler’s local partners, and plans for Congress Center on top of old Jewish Cemetery’.

11 September 2016.  Defending History: ‘Editor’s comment on a Yad Vashem group visiting Lithuania’ by Dovid Katz.

4 September 2016.  Defending History: ‘August and September 2016 memorials for destroyed Jewish communities’.

2 September 2016.  Defending History: ‘2016 deterioration of Holocaust history and of freedom of speech in Poland’.

30 August 2016.  Facebook comment/discussion: ‘How does a 21th century municipality of a former shtetl deal with its annihilated Jewish population?’.

12 August 2016.  Defending History: ‘Baltic Red-Brown “Nazi-Soviet Hunter” Featured at Brazil’s Olympics in Rio’.

8 August 2016.  Defending History: [updated version of] ‘But who is against the National Congress Center in the old Vilna Jewish cemetery?’

8 August 2016. Defending History: ‘Lithuanian state bank and major UK firm seem deeply involved in Vilnius Jewish cemetery scandal’.

24 July 2016.  Defending History: ‘When Yiddish is a prop for Holocaust revisionism’.

15 July 2016.  Defending History: ‘Defending History responds to Vilnius architects’ visualizations for national convention center in the old Vilna Jewish cemetery’.

11 July 2016.  Defending History: Joseph Levinson’s 1990s map of Lithuanian mass murder sites is released by family’.

10 July 2016.  Defending History: ‘Latest judicial abuse of an East European country’s redefinition of “genocide” to obfuscate the Holocaust’.

9 July 2016.  Defending History: In Response to the Media (9 July 2016).

15 June 2016.  Defending History: ‘Asra Kadisha on Vilna Cemetery: From proud Powerhouse of historic truth to silent mouse?’.

9 June 2015.  Defending History: ‘Ruta Bloshtein discovers 1935 Vilna rabbis’ condemnation of plans to desecrate Old Jewish cemetery at Piramónt’.

24 May 2016.  Global Independent Analytics (GIA): ‘When the EU finances far-right Holocaust revisionism’ by Dovid Katz.

4 May 2016.  Defending History: ‘First test of Torah integrity for Vilnius Rabbi Samson Daniel Izakson?

8 May 2016.  Defending History: ‘Professor Dov Levin’s findings on the outbreak of the Lithuanian Holocaust in June 1941’.

4 May 2016.  Novaya Gazeta (Baltics): ‘The Battle for the Memory of the Holocaust in Eastern Europe’ by Dovid Katz [translated into Russian].

4 May 2016.  Defending History: ‘First test of Torah integrity for Vilnius Rabbi Samson Daniel Izakson?

24 May 2016.  Global Independent Analytics (GIA): ‘When the EU finances far-right Holocaust revisionism’.

4 May 2016.  Novaya Gazeta (Baltics): ‘The Battle for the Memory of the Holocaust in Eastern Europe’ [translated into Russian].

8 April 2016.  Flashpoint (ISGAP): ‘West is west, East is east: The specific East European incarnation of antisemitism’ by Dovid Katz.

29 March 2016.  Global International Analytics (GIA): ‘What’s behind the West’s wall of silence on Eastern European glorification of Nazi collaboration?’.

8 March 2016.  Global International Analytics (GIA): ‘Lithuania: Where the government agrees (in part) with neo-Nazi marchers’.

3 March 2016.  Defending History: ‘Vilnius prosecutor skirts key question: Will the list of alleged Holocaust perpetrators be made public?’.

29 February 2016.  Defending History: ‘Media Reaction and Reviews: Vanagaitė and Zuroff’s ‘Mūsiškiai’.

26 February 2016.  Defending History: ‘Israel’s Foreign Ministry faces a Lithuanian dilemma’.

16 February 2016.  Defending History: ‘Images from the February 16th 2016 Neo-Nazi March in Kaunas, Lithuania’.

14 February 2016.  Defending History: ‘Massive new Vilnius construction site borders city’s old Jewish cemetery site’.

4 February 2016. Defending History: ‘Sugihara abused? Red-Brown Commission ropes in Japanese Embassy for 11 Feb. event’.

18 January 2016. Defending History: ‘An open letter to Holocaust scholars and educators in the Francophone world’.


13 December 2015.  The Times of Israel: ‘Lithuania’s liveliest cemetery’ by Dovid Katz.

15 November 2015.  Defending History: ‘Did Prime Minister Netanyahu really “okay” the Vilnius “Conference Center in the Jewish Cemetery”’?

15 November 2015.  Defending History: ‘Did Prime Minister Netanyahu really “okay” the Vilnius “Conference Center in the Jewish Cemetery”’?

12 November 2015.  Defending History: ‘Question in the UK Parliament on the old Jewish cemetery in Vilnius’.

11 November 2015.  Defending History: ‘Vilnius mayor plays with fire: Yiddish, pilfered Jewish gravestones, and an olympics of “barbarism”’.

9 November 2015.  Defending History: ‘Lithuania’s state-sponsored “Genocide Center” whitewashes yet another Nazi collaborator’ [updates].

6 November 2015.  Defending History: ‘No surprise: Lithuania’s state-sponsored “Genocide Center” whitewashes yet another Nazi collaborator’.

29 October 2015.  Defending History: ‘As Rothschild Conference winds up in Vilnius, Kaunas Religious Jewish Community issues statement of defiance’.

22 October 2015.  Defending History: ‘Lithuania’s President Dalia Grybauskaitė completes official visit to Israel’.

18 October 2015.  Defending History: ‘As Lithuanian president visits Israel’.

8 October 2015.  Defending History: ‘First moral victory in the EU, in effort to prevent unprecedented desecration of Old Vilna Jewish Cemetery [Letter from Chiara Adamo to Didier Bertin].

11 October 2015.  Defending History: ‘Impressions of the 11 October 2015 memorial program in Svintsyán (Švenčionys)’.

9 October 2015.  Defending History: ‘First moral victory in the EU, in effort to prevent unprecedented desecration of old Vilna Jewish cemetery’.

9 October 2015.  Defending History: ‘Purveyor of racist, misogynist, antisemitic, homophobic, Nazist “art” is alleged to work in Lithuania’s Economy Ministry’.

7 October 2015.  Defending History: ‘Neo-Nazi alleged to work in Lithuanian Economy Ministry didn’t Like DH’s report on Vilnius conference’.

4 October 2015.  Defending History: ‘Police prevent Kaunas Jewish guide Chaim Bargman from attending annual memorial for the annihilated Jews of Ukmergė (Vilkomir)’ [introducing video interview of Chaim Bargman in Yiddish].

1 October 2016.  Defending History: ‘Another “conference on antisemitism” in Lithuania’.

29 September 2015.  Defending History: ‘On the Eve of the 30 Sept. 2015 “Conference on Antisemitism and Radicalism” in Vilnius.

27 September 2015.  Defending History: ‘Suspicions rise on role of “U.S. Commission for the Preservation of the American Heritage Abroad” in plan to build a $25,000,000 convention center in heart of Vilnius’s old Jewish cemetery’.

25 September 2015.  Defending History: ‘Vilnius names street for beloved Lithuanian rescuer Ona Šimaitė’.

22 September 2015.  Defending History: ‘Ponár (Paneriai) memorial: No rabbi, no cantor, no kaddish‘.

20 September 2015.  Defending History: ’90th Anniversary Yivo conference in Vilnius is major success’.

17 September 2015.  Defending History: ‘Who opposes a convention center in Vilna’s old Jewish cemetery?’ [= Registry of published disagreement with the project].

15 September 2015.  Defending History: ‘Israel faced some delicate post-Holocaust issues during Lithuanian PM’s September visit’.

8 September 2015.  Defending History: ‘New Jewish monument in Rokiškis (Rákeshik), Lithuania, commemorates 3 synagogues’.

4 September 2015.  Defending History: ‘Lithuanian Post Office honors Sugihara and Zwartendijk on 75th anniversary of “visas for life”’.

26 August 2015.  Defending History: ‘US rep of London rabbis involved with Vilnius cemetery fiasco boasts of photo-ops at the US Commission for the Preservation of America’s Heritage Abroad’.

21 August 2015.  Defending History: ‘Motke Chabad weighs in on Vilnius debate’ by Motke Chabad.

14 August 2015.  Defending History: ‘Satmar Grand Rabbi and Rabbinical Court Call on Lithuanian Gov. to Abandon Convention Center in Old Vilna Jewish Cemetery’.

14 August 2015.  Defending History: ‘Lithuania’s Chief Rabbi fired days after issuing statement opposing convention center in old Vilna Jewish cemetery’.

14 August 2015.  Defending  History: ‘What does the 27 May 2009 cable from the US Embassy in Vilnius tell us about the CPJCE, money and secrecy?

13 August 2015.  Defending History: ‘European Commission redirects cemetery inquiry to Lithuanian Finance Ministry, cites CPJCE’S “close cooperation”’.

11 August 2015.  Defending History: ‘Translation of the summer 2015 call by 12 Litvak rabbis in the US on Vilnius Jewish cemetery‘.

7 Augusty 2015. Defending History: “A tale of two tweets”.

24 July 2015.  Defending History: ‘Will new Vilnius mayor remove shrines to Holocaust perpetrators?

23 July 2015.  Defending History: ‘Who has yet to express a public view on the wisdom of planting a convention center in the middle of the old Jewish cemetery in Vilnius?

22 July 2015.  Defending History: ‘Who is Opposed to the Convention Center on the Old Vilna Jewish Cemetery at Piramónt (in Šnipiškės)?

21 July 2015.  Defending History: ‘Open Letter to members of CPJCE in the UK: Do you really want a convention center in the heart of Vilna’s old Jewish cemetery?’.

20 July 2015.  Defending History: ‘Protocol of 26 August 2009 meeting in Vilnius on the old Vilna Jewish cemeter at at Piramónt (in today’s Šnipiškės).

16 July 2015.  Defending History: ‘Piramónt: But what was solemnly agreed back in 2009?’

2 July 2015.  Defending History: ‘Central Rabbinical Congress of the USA and Canada Protests Desecration of the Old Vilna Jewish Cemetery’.

2 July 2015.  Defending History: ‘Vilna Gaon Synagogue in Tel Aviv posts protest against Vilnius convention center plan for old Jewish Cemetery.

2 July 2015.  Defending History: ‘Israel’s leading Litvak rabbis issue impassioned protest against convention center plans for the old Vilna Jewish cemetery’.

14 June 2015.  Defending History: ‘High State Intrigue over Vilna’s Old Jewish Cemetery?’.

31 May 2015.  Defending History: ‘SLS’s 2015 Sutzkever Prize: Yiddish poetry serving right-wing East European politics?’.

11 May 2015.  The Times of Israel: ‘From Holocaust Envy to Holocaust Theft’ by Dovid Katz.  Reposted on website of the Jewish Community of Lithuania.

8 May 2015.  Youtube: DefendingHistory: Video of Lithuania’s President Grybauskaite and single Jewish MP Emanuelis Zingeris paying tribute at the mass Holocaust gravesite Ponár to  group of volunteers for wartime fascist police force (later shot for alleged desertion) during a program of commemoration of May 8th.

1 May 2015.  Defending History: ‘Twelve issues in the preservation of Lithuania’s material Jewish heritage (2015)’ .

23 April 2015.  Defending History: ‘Double Genocide in action? Victims and perpetrators interchangeable’ [on a video clip from Liza ruft of executive director of Lithuanian state commission on Nazi and Soviet crimes, Ronaldas Racinskas, talking about the attempted prosecution of Fania Yocheles Brantsovsky].

20 April 2015.  Defending History [courtesy of International Conference on Holocaust Education]: ‘Politics, policy, and Lithuanian Holocaust discourse’.

9 April 2015.  Defending History: ‘Joseph Levinson, 98, dies in Vilnius’.

7 April 2015.  Defending History: ‘Is the World Jewish Congress facing a Yiddish ethics-and-values test?’

13 February 2015.  Defending History: ‘Correspondence with Kaunas mayor’s office to 13 February 2015’.

13 April 2015.  Defending History: ‘For first time, EU sponsors a balanced Holocaust conference in Lithuania’.

12 April 2015.  Defending History: ‘Joseph Levinson’s symbolic gravestones for his parents “speak out” during his own funeral (12 April 2015)’.

12 April 2015.  Defending History: ‘Advertisement for church service flaunts congregation stepping on old Jewish gravestones’.

6 April 2015.  Defending History: ‘Rachel Kostanian reflects on integrity and future of Holocaust commemoration in Lithuania’ (video of interview of 27 March 201).

4 April 2015.  Defending History: ‘US sinks into further involvement with pro-Nazi elements in Ukraine’.

30 March 2015.  Ukraine President Poroshenko’s jocular tweet with photos of him in his new ‘Cynical Bandera’ outfit…

13 February 2015.  Defending History: ‘Correspondence with Kaunas mayor’s office to 13 February 2015′.

3 February 2015.  Defending History: ‘Kaunas police informs Defending History on status of February 16th neo-Nazi march’.

26 January 2015.  Defending History: ‘Three Holocaust Remembrance Day events in Vilnius on 26 January 2015′.

22 January 2015.  Jewish Chronicle: ‘”Double Genocide” has become the deadliest form of denial’  [original version appeared in DH on 22 January 2015.

January 2015. ‘Left- and right-wing politics’ in Dovid Katz, Yiddish and Power, Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 295-300.


24 December 2014.  Defending History: ‘Two “c words” for Holocaust museums: center of town, and — collaboration’.

16 December 2014.  Algemeiner.com: ‘Just about Yiddish? The real story behind this week’s Yivo banquet in New York’.

8 December 2014.  Defending History: ‘A lowpoint in American (and Canadian) diplomacy?’

7 December 2014Defending History: ‘Peter Jukes exposes documentary that glorifies Nazi collaborators’.

28 November 2014.  The Times of Israel: ‘Ukraine bonanza for upgraded Holocaust denial’.

28 November 2014.  Defending History: ‘Peter Jukes’s tweet exposes “documentary” that glorifies Nazi collaborators.

23 November 2014.  Defending History: ‘Text of US Rep. John Conyers’ proposed amendment restricting aid to pro-Nazi forces in Ukraine’.

11 November 2014.  Defending History: ‘Meilach Stalevich (1923 — 2014)’.

10 November 2014.  Defending History: ‘Defending History brings results: Yivo to honor Arad (at fundraising banquet)’.

31 October 2014.  Defending History: ‘Latvian musical that sanitizes Holocaust perpetragtor starts its grand tour’.

26 October 2014.  Defending History: ‘Would they try to instrumentalize Simon Wiesenthal, too? An open letter to Inna Rogatchi’.

16 October 2014.  Defending History: ‘Ukraine’s “centrist” leaders honor Holocaust-era Nazi collaborators as “heroes”’.

5 October 2014.  Defending History: ‘Annual memorial for the Jews of Svintsyán (Švenčionys): small but well done’ by Defending History staff.

24 September 2014.  Defending History: ‘Seven Prophet Amos Awards for human rights courage in Lithuania’.

23 September 2014.  Defending History: ‘Usable memory of Holocaust victims: NY Yivo announces campaign for five and a quarter million dollars for new “Vilna Project”’.

21 September 2014.  Tsemakh Shabad’s 150th birthday celebrated in style at the Lithuanian parliament’ by Defending History staff.

Fall 2014.  Jewish Review of Books: ‘What we talk about when we talk about Stepan Bandera: a rejoinder to Dovid Katz’ by Konstanty Gebert.

Fall 2014.  Jewish Review of Books: ‘Poland is not Ukraine: A response to Konstanty Gebert’s “The Ukrainian question”’.

9 September 2014.  Juedische Rundschau: ’75 Jahre nach dem 1. September 1939: Antisemitismus in Osteuropa’.

6 September 2014.  Defending History: ‘Five years of Defending History dot com’.

26 August 2014.  Defending History: Ernst Lowenberg (1922 — 2014).

16 August 2014.  ConsortiumNews.com: ‘The hushed-up Hitler factor in Ukraine’.  Republished in The Global Realm; in David Stockman’s Contra Corner; and in Rogerannis.com.

26 July 2014.  Jewish Currents: ‘The Neocons and Holocaust revisionism in Eastern Europe’. Part II.

22 June 2014.  Defending History: ‘Freewheeling deconstruction of Max Weinreich. Sensationalization in the weakened field of Yiddish [with reference to the abuse of Yiddish in Eastern Europe as cover for far-right Holocaust obfuscation and Double Genocide politics; in Yiddish].

10 June 2014.  The Times of Israel: ‘Getting it wrong on Ukraine’.

8 June 2014.  Defending History: ‘Welcome in Vilnius for former Norwegian ambassador Steinar Gil’.

6 June 2014.  Defending History: ‘D-Day anniversary question: Was “Double Genocide” flown onto Capitol Hill under the radar?’

May 2014.  East European Jewish Affairs: ‘Review of Georges Mink and Laure Neumayer, History, Memory and Politics in Central and Eastern Europe: Memory Games’ [proof only].

26 May 2014.  Defending History [with image from the Congressional Report]: ‘”Double Genocide” language accepted by the US Congress on 21 May 2014’.

22 May 2014.  Defending History: ‘DH staff writer Evaldas Balčiūnas is investigated by Lithuanian police’.

22 May 2014.  Defending History: ‘Statement of staff writer Evaldas Balčiūnas on summons from police’ by Evaldas Balčiūnas.

19 May 2014.  Defending History: ‘Ukraine: Slowly but surely, Western media raising the taboo question.

6 May 2014.  Defending History: ‘Reply to a Roger Cohen opinion piece on Ukraine and Lithuania’.

4 May 2014.  Defending History: ‘Dan Stone’s “Goodbye to All That?” has discussion on battle of the declarations’.

31 March 2014.  Defending History: ‘Is Vilnius Police Criminal Division harassing veteran Holocaust researcher?’

27 March 2014.  Defending History: ‘Beloved leader of Lithuanian Jewry, Simon Alperovich, dies at 85.

23 March 2014.  Defending History: ‘British Board of Deputies includes effort against Prague Declaration in new 2014 manifesto’. Original document on Board of Deputies website (see section 3.3, page 10).

11 March 2014.  Defending History: ‘For seventh year running, neo-Nazis and ultranationalists given center of Vilnius on independence day’.

9 March 2014.  Defending History: ‘Respectfully disagreeing with Professor Timothy Snyder’.

3 March 2014.  Defending History: ‘Out on Ellis Street in San Francisco’.

2 March 2014.  Defending History: ‘Exhibit honoring Jewish World War II veterans disappears into Vilnius thin air’.

25 February 2014.  Defending History: ‘Unauthenticated document purports to be police complaint against Lithuanian citizen for writing about Nazi collaborators’.

22 February 2014.  Jerusalem Post: ‘Hungary rewrites history. My 2012 documentary film, “Rewriting History” tracked the emergence of “double genocide,” the rewriting of the history of the Holocaust in Lithuania’ by Danny Ben-Moshe.

2 February 2014.  DefendingHistory.com: ‘Is Tom Lantos’s widow on Hungarian government’s list of “useful foreigners”?’

2 February 2014.  DefendingHistory.com: ‘New Joseph Levinson website has page on old Jewish cemeteries in Lithuania’.

24 January 2014.  DefendingHistory.com: ‘Double Genocide movement’s “Prague Process” is foundering — in Prague’.

21 January 2014.  DefendingHistory.com: ‘Heritage articles from Lithuanian Jewish Community’s “Jerusalem of Lithuania” going online’.

15 January 2014.  DefendingHistory.com: ‘The “Double Genocide” backdrop to current disarray of the red-brown “Platform”’.


3 & 5 December 2013.  JewishBookCouncil.org: ‘Notes from a conversation with Dovid Katz’ by Kenneth Bonertpart one and part two.

20 November 2013.  The New York Times (Letters to the Editor / international edition): ‘Lithuania’s Holocaust debate’.

19 November 2013DefendingHistory.com: ‘Genocide Center releases a new graywash on the Vilna Ghetto’ [review of Arūnas BubnysVilnius Ghetto 1941-1943].

23 October 2013.  DefendingHistory.com: ‘Baltic government sponsored “round table” at London University on 5 November: Will Nazi collaborators be sanitized and glorified?’.

15 October 2013.  DefendingHistory.com: ‘Mendel Beilis and the new East European antisemitism: a 21st century incarnation of “Treacherous Jew syndrome”’ power-point presentation.

6 September 2013.  Richard Bloom’s Youtube: Rachel Kostanian, speaking in a strictly personal capacity, discusses ‘Double Genocide’ [interview by Dovid Katz].

July-August 2013.  Hope Not Hate: ‘The Baltics. Where Nazi collaborators and criminals are honoured by EU and NATO States’.

Spring-Summer 2013.  Israel Journal of Foreign Affairs: ‘Marek Jan Chodakiewicz, Intermarium: The Land between the Black and Baltic Seas’ reviewed by Dovid Katz.

8 August 2013.  DefendingHistory.com: ‘Who’s afraid of Defending History dot com?’.

3 August 2013.  DefendingHistory.com: ‘Tourists shocked by street names and pubilc shrines for Holocaust collaborators and perpetrators’.

2 August 2013.  DefendingHistory.com: ‘Open letter to Evaldas Gustas, Minister for the Economy in Lithuania’.

30 July 2013.  DefendingHistory.com: ‘The fate of an old Vilna Jewish cemetery that is part of now’.

22 July 2013.  DefendingHistory.com: ‘Zeppelinus, unmasked as official at Lithuania’s Ministry for the Economy, posts new gay-hate image to “welcome” Baltic Pride Week’.

19 July 2013.  DefendingHistory.com: ‘EHU Center for German Studies’ “Colloquium Vilnense 2013″ is short on “the second opinion” when it comes to the Holocaust’.

19 July 2013.  DefendingHistory.com: ‘A library with an agenda?’

7 July 2013.  DefendingHistory.com: ‘Would a “Jewish museum” in Vilnius graywash the Lithuanian Holocaust?’.

3 June 2013.  DefendingHistory.com: ‘Is the EU again being duped on Double Genocide? “Istme” is funded under “science and technology”’.

27 May 2013.  Shamir, Riga: video of the talk ‘State-sponsored collective memory revisionism: a 21st century incarnation of Holocaust Denial?’PDF of the power point presentation in Defending HistoryProgram of the Second International Conference on Holocaust Museums and Memorial Places in Post-Communist Countries(in Riga, Latvia)]. [Materials from the conference posted by the Organizers in June 2013].

24 May 2013.  Jewish Heritage Europe: ‘On the use & misuse of Jewish gravestones and memory’.

22 May 2013.  The Times of Israel: ‘The fate of a Vilna Jewish cemetery’.

28 March 2013.  DefendingHistory.com: ‘Upside-down world? Neo-Nazi march assisted by police on central boulevard, while authorities try to banish Baltic Pride across the river’.

20 March 2013.  DefendingHistory.com: ‘One-sided coverage in the “Lithuania Tribune”?’.

17 March 2013.  DefendingHistory.com: ‘The last public statement of former Israeli Knesset member Marina Solodkin’.

6 March 2013.  DefendingHistory.com: ‘Vilnius street name proposed for rescuer. But please remove Nazi collaborator street names…’.

25 February 2013.  Algemeiner.com: ‘Purim in Lithuania? A season for state-approved neo-Nazi city-center marches’.

21 February 2013.  DefendingHistory.com: ‘Red-Brown Commission uses its website to call leading Holocaust survivor a “liar” and demand “apology from Jewish community”’.

13 February 2013.  DefendingHistory.com: ‘Kaunas police confirm that neo-Nazi march on independence day proceeding with municipality’s blessing’.

12 February 2013.  DefendingHistory.com: ‘Artūras Račas, editor-in-chief of Baltic News Service (BNS), Attacks Holocaust Survivor Prof. Pinchos Fridberg and SWC Israel director Dr. Efraim Zuroff’.

27 January 2013.  DefendingHistory.com: ‘US researcher is persuaded that the problem in Lithuania is called “Zuroff and Katz”…’.

16 January 2013DefendingHistory.com: ‘A Tale of two marches? LGBT Equality releases statement on authorities’ response to Baltic Pride 2013‘.


13 December 2012.  London Jewish News: ‘You cannot praise fascists and be pro-human rights’. Reprint in The Algemeiner.

6 December 2012.  DefendingHistory.com: ‘An open letter to Ed Hirsch’.

5 December 2012.  DefendingHistory.com: ‘Why Monica Lowenberg’s petition is so important’.

1 December 2012.  DefendingHistory.com: ‘The Holocaust in Lithuania, and its obfuscation, in Lithuanian sources’ by Yitzhak Arad [translated from Hebrew by Dovid Katz].

15 November 2012.  The Times of Israel: ‘Efraim Zuroff, history’s lonely defender’.

3 September 2012.  DefendingHistory.com: June 2009 corresopndence with Yad Vashem.

28 August 2012.  DefendingHistory.com: ‘Yad Vashem shocks Holocaust survivors by rejoining Lithuanian government’s “red-brown commission”’.

16 August 2012.  DefendingHistory.com: ‘Executive director of “Red-Brown Commission” doubts Lithuanian Jews were killed “on a racial basis” before arrival of German forces in 1941′.

3 August 2012.  London Jewish News: ‘Shoah Denial is being replaced by an illusive and delusive evil’.  On the Jewish News site (3 August issue, p. 11).

3 August 2012Addition of Yiddish text for 20 January 2012 Seventy Years DeclarationAs PDF.

2 August 2012.  DefendingHistory.com: ‘Lithuanian foreign minister includes “historical memory policy” (= Double Genocide) among nation’s prime goals.

23 July 2012.  DefendingHistory.com: ‘Amherst’s NYBC caught up in Lithuanian government’s Jew-less, Yiddish-less PR library’.

19 July 2012.  DefendingHistory.com: ‘United Nations Human Rights Committee notes Lithuanian government’s position on public swastikas and authorized neo-Nazi parades’.

18 July 2012.  Algemeiner Journal: ‘Respectable memoir, some shrewd manipulation by an East European government — or both?’ [review of Ellen Cassedy’s We Are Here. Memories of the Lithuanian Holocaust].

17 July 2012.  DefendingHistory.com: ‘Lithuanian foreign ministry planning to (ab)use EU presidency to push red-brown politics.

16 July 2012.  DefendingHistory.com: ‘Landsbergis. Then and now’.

13 July 2012.  DefendingHistory.com: ‘Trilingual memorial plaque unveiled on Zhager town square’.

15 June 2012.  DefendingHistory.com: ‘Reply to the Economist on Lithuania’s recent reburial of the 1941 Nazi puppet “prime minister”’ [Also as comment on the Economist blog site].

30 May 2012.  DefendingHistory.com: ‘Congratulating Algimantas Kasparavičius who gets it right: Trying to manage history is a big-time loser for mature foreign policy’.

23 May 2012.  DefendingHistory.com: ‘VMU in Kaunas sinking further into Ambrazevičius-Brazaitis morass, as historians join glorifiers for yet another event’.

21 May 2012.  Algemeiner Journal: ‘An open letter to Yale history professor Timothy Snyder’.

21 May 2012.  DefendingHistory.com: ‘Lithuanian newspaper accuses Kaunas rector of misleading parliament about whether he knew in advance of VMU’s planned conference to honor Nazi puppet prime minister’.

20 May 2012.  DefendingHistory.com: ‘Dramatic confrontation on the floor of the Lithuanian parliament’.

19 May 2012.  DefendingHistory.com: ‘Tim Snyder, in Vilnius, comments publicly on the reburial and glorification of 1941 Nazi puppet prime minister’.

17 May 2012.  Defending History.com: ‘Want to honor the head of the 1941 Nazi puppet government? Website claims Seimas will provide free transportation’.

15 May 2012.  DefendingHistory.com: ‘BNS report follows dramatic Donskis statement; Says event does not have VMU “Sanction”‘.

11 May 2012.  DefendingHistory.com:  ‘Archbishop adds his blessing to the Nazi collaborator being reburied with full honors’.

11 May 2012.  DefendingHistory.com: ‘Day of shame (May 19th) can still be averted at Vytautas Magnus University in Kaunas’.

3 May 2012.  DefendingHistory.com: ‘”Prime Minister” of Lithuania’s 1941 Nazi puppet government to be glorified, re-interred and subject of a commemorative conference at Vytautas Magnus University.

1 May 2012.  DefendingHistory.com: ‘“Moderate Litvak” Status is Conferred by his Highness, the Norwegian Property Magnate cum Editor-in-Chief of Vilnius’.

30 April 2012.  Neo-Nazi youth organization is admitted into national “Lithuanian Council of Youth Organizations” (a recipient of European Union “structural funds”).

29 April 2012.  DefendingHistory.com: ‘Rabinowitz-Dorf PR campaign for Lithuanian embassy and “Fake Litvaks” backfires bigtime’.

24 April 2012.  DefendingHistory.com: ‘Baltic “Double Genocide” discourse slips into naive American Jewish articles on Lithuania’.

20 April 2012.  DefendingHistory.com: ‘Lithuanian government calls for “bigger investments from Litvaks” as South Africa’s Glasenberg is targeted’.

18 April 2012.  DefendingHistory.com: ‘Glorification of local Holocaust perpetrators in Lithuania’.

15 April 2012.  DefendingHistory.com: ‘Lithuanian Foreign Ministry manipulates “Chicago Litvaks”.

24 March 2012.  DefendingHistory.com: ‘Lithuania’s embassy in Washington recruiting “useful academics” for discredited “red-brown” Commission’.

16 March 2012.  DefendingHistory.com: ’1500 honor the Waffen SS at Riga’s Liberty Monument; Event is praised by Latvia’s president, condemned by Council of Europe’s commission on racism’.

11 March 2012.  DefendingHistory.com: ‘Over 1000 neo-Nazis fill main Vilnius boulevard on Lithuanian Independence Day’.

10 March 2012.  DefendingHistory.com: ‘Once again, moral abdication at the American Embassy in Vilnius?’

4 March 2012.  DefendingHistory.com: ‘March 11th: A grand opportunity for the Lithuanian human rights community — and the people of Vilnius’.

27 February 2012.  YouTube: ‘A Jewish guy in Vilnius reflects on the neo-Nazi march (2012)’ by DovidFrom55thStreet [Dovid Katz].

17 February 2012.  DefendingHistory.com: ‘Joe Melamed, head of Association of Lithuanian Jews in Israel, calls on “Real Litvaks” to stay away from Tel Aviv “gala sham” on March 5th’.

15 February 2012.  DefendingHistory.com: ‘Tolerance march of 100 is cancelled in Kaunas; neo-Nazi march for 1000 going ahead’.

14 February 2012.  DefendingHistory.com: ‘Holocaust survivors and Litvak Jewry betrayed again, as Lithuania’s foreign minister slated to be “guest of honor” at Tel Aviv “Gala”‘.

12 February 2012.  DefendingHistory.com: ‘A hidden monument in Vilnius — hopelessly invisible?

3 February 2012.  Algemeiner Journal: ‘The Seventy Years Declaration and the Simple Truth’.

3 February 2012.  Jewish Chronicle: ‘A fight over history’s tragic truth. Analysis’ [PDF]

22 January 2012.  DefendingHistory.com: ‘Lithuanian foreign minister berates his country’s parliamentarians who signed “70 Years Declaration”; Says Hitler = Stalin except for length of their moustaches’.

18 January 2012.  DefendingHistory.com: ‘Free speech reaffirmed by Vilnius judge in Algirdas Paleckis case’.

2 January 2012.  DefendingHistory.com: ‘EU ambassador to Afghanistan writes in the Wall Street Journal that Nazi rule in Lithuania was “a few years respite from the communists”’.

2 January 2012DefendingHistory.com: ‘A reconstructed shtetl — minus its Jewish component’.

1 January 2012DefendingHistory.com: ’2012 New Year’s resolution for the prime ministers of the Baltic states’.


North America lecture tour (2011)

Australia lecture tour (2011)


December 2011.  East European Jewish Affairs (vol 41, no. 3, pp. 207-221): ‘The detonation of the Holocaust in 1941: a tale of two books’ [review of Timothy Snyder’s Bloodlands and Alexander PrusinThe Lands Between].

22 December 2011.  DefendingHistory.com: ‘Popular daily has full front page spread on “The Jews”’.

19 December 2011.  DefendingHistory.com: ‘Lithuanian Ministry of Defense honors “Lithuanian Activist Front” (LAF) Nazi collaborators’.

19 December 2011.  DefendingHistory.com: ‘Mainstream Lithuanian news portal, Delfi.lt, again publishes antisemitic “ethnographic history”’.

16 December 2011.  DefendingHistory.com: ‘”Double Genocide” permeates local antisemitic discourse in report on Efraim Zuroff’s Operation Last Chance II in Berlin’.

12 December 2011.  DefendingHistory.com: ‘Old stones speak to young pupils: Jewish gravestones in a Vilnius school yard. Photos by Richard Schofield. Text by Dovid Katz.

9 December 2011.  DefendingHistory.com: ‘Suspense in Vilnius as Paleckis verdict day nears’.

28 November 2011.   Jerusalem Post: ‘Manipulation?’ (Letter to the Editor)  [in reply to: ‘Harley Felstein and Adrienne Oleck].

25 November 2011.  Algemeiner Journal: ‘Hannah Rosenthal does it again’.

18 November 2011.  DefendingHistory.com: ‘The new HOLOCAUST room in the BASEMENT of the GENOCIDE museum in Vilnius’ by Dovid Katz (text) and Richard Schofield (photographs).

9 November 2011.  DefendingHistory.com: ‘Open debate, open society, and secret societies’.

3 November 2011.  Jerusalem Post: ‘UNESCO vote reveals Lithuanian duplicity’As PDF.  Reprint in the Algemeiner Journal.

2 November 2011.  Jerusalem Report / Jerusalem Post: ‘Lithuania assaults Holocaust memory’ by Danny Ben-Moshe.

October 2011.  Centre News [Jewish Holocaust Centre, Melbourne, Australia]: ‘Understanding “Double Genocide”: a lethal new threat to Holocaust memory and honesty’ [date on print edition: September 2011].

3 November 2011.  Jerusalem Post: ‘UNESCO vote reveals Lithuanian duplicity’.  As PDF.  Reprint in the Algemeiner Journal.

October 2011.  Centre News [Jewish Holocaust Centre, Melbourne, Australia]: ‘Understanding “Double Genocide”: a lethal new threat to Holocaust memory and honesty’ [date on print edition: September 2011].

24 October 2011.  DefendingHistory.com: ‘Hungarian National Day celebration in Vilnius celebrates Lithuanian “Forest Brother”; Two local fascists invited’.

30 September 2011.  DefendingHistory.com: ‘Head of History Institute, speaking at “Bloodlands” event at the Lithuanian Foreign Ministry, excoriates Holocaust survivors who joined the anti-Nazi partisans’.

28 September 2011.  DefendingHistory.com: ‘Lithuanian foreign ministry’s two versions: for a Jewish audience (not for publication) and for “General” (proudly on website)’.

30 August 2011. DefendingHistory.com: ‘Lithuanian authorities initiate prosecution against another Holocaust survivor’.

28 August 2011. DefendingHistory.com: ‘Et tu, Yivo? Holocaust survivors jolted by plan for Lithuanian foreign minister to be ‘guest of honor’ at Vilna Ghetto commemoration’.

28 August 2011. DefendingHistory.com: ‘A scholar’s apt warning on ultranationalist abuse of history and historians’.

30 June 2011.  DefendingHistory.com: ‘The Denial that is part of Holocaust Obfuscation: Second day of the Lithuanian parliament’s conference’.

29 June 2011.   DefendingHistory.com: ‘In delirium of obfuscation: First day of the Lituhanian parliament’s conference on the 70th anniversary of Hitler’s attack on the USSR’.

5 May 2011.  DefendingHistory.com: ‘Three years later: neither charged nor cleared’.

3 May 2011.  Winnipeg Jewish Review: ‘This year’s Yom Hashoah is different’.

25 April 2011. Amy Shannon Liedy’s summary of Dovid Katz’s Kennan Institute (Woodrow Wilson Center) lecture in Washington DC (7 March 2001).

14 April 2011.  DefendingHistory.com: ‘Freedom of speech is not “pick and choose”. On the Paleckis trial in Vilnius’.

3 April 2011.  DefendingHistory.com:  Has the Forward Association abandoned elementary ethics?’.

28 March 2011.  DefendingHistory.com: ‘Foreign Ministry cooking another one-sided “open forum”, this time in — Kaunas’.

22 March 2011.  Lietuvos rytas / Lrytas.lt: ‘I am surprised by your article about my lecture at the Woodrow Wilson Center in Washington’ [letter to the editor].

7 March 2011.  Lithuanian Foreign Policy Review: ‘Condemnation of communism does not require submission to Double Genocide, Holocaust Obfuscation, or the recent deterioration in civil society and free speech in Lithuania’ [reply to Rokas Grajauskas]. Also on DefendingHistory.com here.

1 February 2011.  DefendingHistory.com: ‘Lithuanian Jews, Holocaust survivors, specialists who disagree with the Lithuanian government — shut out of London conference’.

3 January 2011DefendingHistory.com: ‘When a “Human Rights Association” accepts and repeats the antisemitic canards in town’.


21 December 2010The Guardian: ‘Why is the US silent on “double genocide”? While European countries have condemned the new Holocaust revisionism in the Baltics, America shows no moral leadership’ by Dovid KatzIn Russian.

15 December 2010Alfa.lt: ‘An open letter to the Prime Minister of Lithuania on the eve of his visit to Israel’ by Dovid Katz.

3 December 2010Tablet Magazine: ‘Conference call: the Lithuanian sponsors of a Holocaust education program have a dark history of their own’ by Dovid KatzExtract on History News NetworkOn H-Net.

17 November 2010. Alfa.lt: ‘The Real Friend is the one who tells you when something is wrong’ by Dovid Katz.

10 November 2010. DefendingHistory.com: ‘Mr Lidington is right, but there is more to it’ by Dovid Katz. [revised version see item for 17 Nov]

November 2010Israel Journal of Foreign Affairs: [Reply to Barry Rubin] by Dovid Katz.

30 September 2010The Guardian: ‘Why Red is not Brown in the Baltics. Unhappily,  Timothy Snyder’s historical reassessment of the Nazi-Soviet pact coincides with Baltic ultra-nationalist agendas’ by Dovid Katz. Also appears on the Litvak Studies Institute website.

29 September 2010The Baltic Times: ‘Letter to the Editor’ by Dovid Katz. PDF of 30 Sept print version.

22 September 2010Algemeyner Zhurnal: ‘Gentiles who take up Yiddish and the question of moral responsibility in Eastern Europe’ [in Yiddish] by Dovid Katz.

September 2010Personal statement on antisemitism in Lithuania.

1 September 2010Parliamentary Committee Against Antisemitism: ‘Time to free Europe of this poison’ by Dovid Katz. Also appears on the Litvak Studies Institute website.

16 August 2010HITB: ‘Human Rights — and Holocaust Obfuscation — in the Baltic States. Letter to the Editor (Response to Clifford J. Levy’s report) by Dovid Katz.

25 June 2010Algemeiner Journal: ‘Lithuanian government’s “Genocide Museum” in Vilnius does not mention the Holocaust!’ by Dovid Katz.

28 May 2010.Algemeyner Zhurnal: ‘A devil’s dance of swastikas in Lithuania: A court decides that swastikas are “Lithuania’s historical heritage rather than symbols of Nazi Germany”’ [in Yiddish] by Dovid Katz.

27 May 2010Jewish Chronicle: ‘It is time for Cameron to reject the EU nutters’ by Dovid Katz.

3 May 2010Tablet Magazine: ‘The crime of surviving’ by Dovid Katz.

26 March 2010Algemeyner Zhurnal: ‘Two marches in a Nazi spirit: in the city centers of Vilnius and Riga; Both legally sanctioned, both ignored by the West’ [in Yiddish] by Dovid Katz.

24 February 2010Jewish Ledger: ‘Q & A with Dovid Katz’ by Cindy MindellPDF.

8 January 2010Guardian: ‘Halting Holocaust Obfuscation. The Baltic ultranationalists rewriting east European history as an equal Nazi-Soviet “double genocide” must be stopped’ by Dovid Katz. Alternate link [reprint in the Algemeiner Journal].  Republication in Russian.


30 December 2009Jewish Week (Washington): ‘Don’t let the Holocaust be rewritten out of history’ by Dovid Katz.

4 December 2009The Algemeiner Journal: ‘The Prague Declaration is Europe’s New Antisemitic Poison’ by Dovid Katz and Clemens Heni.  Also on Wissenschaft und Publizistik als Kritik.

30 November 2009The Jewish Chronicle: ‘Tories must reject “Double Genocide” proponents. Alliance with those who would downgrade the Holocaust is a grave mistake’ by Dovid Katz.

31 October 2009Irish Times: ‘Cameron must end Tories’ far-right fling’ by Dovid Katz.

September 2009‘On three definitions: Genocide, Holocaust Denial, Holocaust Obfuscation’ in Leonidas Donskis (ed), A Litmus Test Case of Modernity. Examining Modern Sensibilities and the Public Domain in the Baltic States at the Turn of the Century [= Interdisciplinary Studies on Central and Eastern Europe 5], Peter Lang: Bern 2009, pp 259-277.

23 June 2009. Institute for Global Jewish Affairs (Jerusalem): ‘The project to delete the Holocaust from European history’ [synopsis of paper] by Dovid Katz.

30 May 2009Irish Times: ‘Genocide Industry has hidden agenda. Attempts at equalizing historical wrongs are often aimed at Holocaust Obfuscation’ by Dovid Katz; alternate link.

21 May 2009.  Jewish Chronicle: ‘Prague’s declaration of disgrace: A European attempt to equate Communism with Nazism will falsify history’ by Dovid Katz; alternate link.

12 May 2009.  Speech delivered at the book launch for Sounds of Silence. Traces of Jewish Life in Lithuania at Vilnius Old Town Hall.

February 2009.  ‘Epilogue’ (pp 55-58) in Dovid Katz, Seven Kingdoms of the Litvaks.

January 2009Preface to The Sounds of Silence. Lithuanian version of the preface, translated by Tomas Venclova.


15 August 2008Algemeyner Zhurnal: ‘Rokhl Margolis, 86, cannot visit her hometown Vilna because she fought against the Nazis’ [in Yiddish] by Dovid KatzPart II.

25 July 2008Algemeyner Zhurnal: ‘Will the world remain silent as a new and more cunning form of Holocaust Denial comes before — the European Parliament?’ [in Yiddish] by Dovid KatzPart II.


30 November 2007Algemeyner Zhurnal: ‘Master US diplomat in Vilnius: Joe Boski’ by Dovid Katz). II.

20 July 2007In honor of Fania Yocheles Brantsovsky’s 85th BirthdayPart IIPart III.

20 March 2007Algemeyner Zhurnal: ‘Noah Shneidman’s Vilna Ghetto boxing medal’ (by Dovid Katz)Follow-up article on 16 August 2007.

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