Double Genocide Movement’s “Prague Process” is Foundering — In Prague

The 2008 Prague Declaration was followed by the EU’s controversial establishment of the 2011 “Prague Platform” which has been a major disseminator of Double Genocide political and academic products intended to appear neutral rather than of the East European far right (see Double Genocide section for examples over the years). Internally, the movement has been torn by strife between the “witch hunters” who want to exclude from the Double Genocide movement (known by any number of Eurisms, e.g. “equal evaluation of totalitarian regimes”) persons who held communist related posts before the USSR’s collapse, and those who take a more moderate stance toward their own followers’ pasts.

Followers of our Media page have noticed the rapidly moving events in recent days:

15 January 2014. ‘The “Double Genocide” backdrop to current disarray of the red-brown “Platform”’.

16 January 2014.  Prague Daily Monitor: ‘EU’s grouping of totalitarian research institutes suspends membership of Czech institute (by CTK).

23 January 2014.  Prague Daily Monitor: USTR threatens to leave European Memory Platform.

23 January 2014.  Radio Prague [broadcast in English]: ‘Agency administering secret police files threatens to quit international network’ by Jan Richter.

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