The Defending History Community’s Statement on Putin’s Barbaric Assault on Ukraine (and the Free World)


Renewing our call of one year ago:

The Defending History community joins in calling for immediate restoration of peace and security for all the people of Ukraine, condemning unequivocally the savage and barbaric invasion — and rain of death and destruction — by a neighboring big power, led by our century’s most dangerous and deranged warmonger dictator. Ukraine’s victory will be the victory of the free and democratic world everywhere, as will the fall of the Putinist regime of dictatorship, invasion, and mass murder of civilians.

As a small gesture of spiritual solidarity, our Yiddish Studies team has constructed a modest new collection of videos of Ukraine’s last Yiddish speaking survivors. Ukraine alone spans every modern dialect of the language.

Note: In response to onslaughts of attempts at defamation and personal destruction (including from  far-right and neo-nazi groups), it can be useful to provide a screenshot (just below) of a front page text we introduced early in 2014, at first intermittently, and now for many years consistently. At the more intellectual level, our earlier (2011) reply to a much more academically nuanced version of the Red Libel in a major Lithuanian journal of political science may shed light (it was, at the insistence of the late Prof. L. Donskis, posted on their website, but never carried, or we believe, mentioned, in the print edition; please check). The text is available in DH.

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