Dovid Katz: Online Lectures & Webinars







Aug. 2021:  Documentary film, ‘Rewriting History’ (2012) now on youtube


Recent Webinars & Lectures:

Interview by Claims Conference’s Ruediger Mahlo (15 August 2021):

Denying History: On Holocaust Reception in Lithuania

Kadimah Cultural Centre and National Library in Melbourne, Australia (10 August 2021):

What are the Dialects of Yiddish?

Interview by Lithuanian playwright Marius Ivaškevičius (8 August 2021 video posting of 20 March 2017 interview):

Discourse on the Lithuanian Holocaust

Kadimah Cultural Centre and National Library in Melbourne, Australia (22 July 2021):

The Past, Present and Future of Yiddish

Committee for Yiddish at the UJA Federation in Toronto, Canada (18 July 2021):

My Three-Decade Search for the Last Litvaks in their Land (in Yiddish)

 New York Workmen’s Circle Yiddish Language Series with Kolya Borodulin (2 May 2021):

The Era of Proletpen in New York Yiddish Poetry (through the eyes of my father Menke Katz (in Yiddish)

Kiever Shul (Toronto, Canada) program by Raquel and Marinka Yossiffon  (25 April 2021):

Where Yiddish Laughs and Cries: 30th Yórtsayt of Poet Menke Katz

 Leyvik House’s online event in honor of the publication of Einstein from Svir and Other Yiddish Short Stories and the book’s Leyb Rubinlicht Award for 2020 (27 December 2020):

Leyvik House Book Launch and Rubinlicht Award

Lecture at the Jewish Holocaust Centre in Melbourne, Australia (9 December 2020):

Writing the Holocaust Out of History (without denying a single death)

Interview hosted on Yiddish with Noyekh and Gustavo (6 December 2020):

On Chapter One of Chaim Grade’s Tsemakh Atlas: Di Yeshive (in Yiddish)

Interview hosted on Yiddish with Noyekh and Gustavo (30 November 2020):

On My Father, the Poet Menke Katz (in Yiddish)

Interview with Loic Salfati as addendum to his film Secrets of the Great Vilna Synagogue (draft of part 1; at timecode 48:31; posted 26 October 2020):

Who was the Gaon of Vilna?

Tord Bjork’s webinar series (Stockholm, Sweden, 26 October 2020):

Double Genocide Revisionism and 21st Century Holocaust Reductionism

Series of Five Webinars at the Cape Town Holocaust and Genocide Centre (28 July and 4, 11, 18 and 25 August 2020):

(1) The Litvaks on the Stage of Jewish History

(2) The Yiddish Language

(3) Why is the Lithuanian Holocaust So Controversial?

(4) My 30 Years on the Road Looking for the Last Litvaks in their Lands

(5) Synthesis, Questions & Discussion

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