Dovid Katz: Topics on Offer for Courses & Lectures (2023-2024)

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  I: Yiddish and Ashkenazic Culture

Intermediate Level Ulpan-Style Mini-Course in Yiddish Language

Advanced Level Ulpan-Style Mini-Course in Yiddish  Language

The Past, Present and Future of Yiddish

The Dialects of Yiddish: More than Just Dialects…

Origins of the Yiddish Language (Looked at Forty Years Later)

Women in the History of Yiddish

The Three Jewish Languages of Ashkenaz: Hebrew, Yiddish and Aramaic

30 Years on the Road in Eastern Europe: Search for Yiddish Mohicans in the Old Country

A New Yiddish Atlas of Lithuanian Yiddish Dialects and Culture

Yiddish Writers I Remember

600 Years of Conflicts over Yiddish

The Old Hebrew-Yiddish Conflict and its Ongoing Legacies

What was Classic Secular Yiddishism? Relevance Today?

Love and Hate of Yiddish

The Incredible Fate of Yiddish in the 21st Century

Yiddish and Power (11th to 21st centuries)

Yiddish as a Toy of Far-Right Holocaust Revisionists in 21st Century Vilnius

Yiddish Stylistics and the Ideological Strings [in Yiddish or English]

Why Study Ashkenazic Hebrew?

Ashkenazic Hebrew Intro [for participants familiar with Biblical or Israeli Hebrew]

A 21st Century Attempt at Yiddish Bible Translation: Why, How, and What?

Which Yiddish Should We Be Teaching?

 II: The Litvak (Lithuanian Jewish) Legacy

Past, Present and Future of the Litvaks

Lithuanian Jewry in Time and Space

The Litvaks on the Stage of History

30 Years on the Road in Historic Líte: My Search for Litvak Mohicans

Litvaks and Galitsyáner

Lithuanian-Jewish Relations: Why so Volatile?

The Battle over Vilna’s Old Jewish Cemetery

The Jewish Community of Lithuania: 1990-2016

Why The Joint (JDC) is “Different from all the Others”

Vilna Jewish Book Stamps: Windows to a Lost Jewish World

A Virtual Mini-Museum of Old Jewish Vilna: Introduction to a Lost Jewish Civilization

The Real Gaon of Vilna

Why am I Translating the Bible into Lithuanian Yiddish?

III: Holocaust and Antisemitism

Writing the Holocaust Out of History (Without Denying a Single Death)

The 21st Century Incarnation of Holocaust Denial: “Double Genocide”

How American/NATO Politics is Writing the Holocaust Out of History

American Foreign Policy and the Neocons: Why They “Have To” Target the Holocaust

Israeli Foreign Policy and the Holocaust

The Plot to Replace the Holocaust in Western Consciousness

When Holocaust History Collides with Cold War II

The Holocaust in Lithuania

Respectfully Disagreeing with Professor Timothy Snyder

Why is the Lithuanian Holocaust Still So Controversial?

When  East European Holocaust Education is Camouflage for Revisionism

The Baltics and (Western) Ukraine: A Holocaust Conundrum

The Unique Kind of Antisemitism in Eastern Europe

What’s Behind the Battle of Vilnius’s Piramónt Cemetery?

21st Century (Western) “Useful Jewish Idiots” (UJIs) in Eastern Europe

Would American and Israeli Holocaust Institutions Sell out the Baltic Truth?

IV: Other Topics

My Father Menke Katz: Times & Tales of a Yiddish (and English) Poet

The Jewish Cultures of my Brooklyn Childhood

Curious Episodes in the Life of a Yiddishist Emigré from Brooklyn

Memories of a Doctoral Supervisor in Yiddish Studies

The New Cold War and the American Media

The New Far Right in Eastern Europe

Ukraine: Jewish Aspects Before and After the Putinist Invasion

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