DH Editor in Far-Right Imagination: Depictions, Descriptions, and Death Threats



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2019 far-right death threats  against DH editor appear on Facebook (as PDFtransl.)

They were apparently again inspired by the  neo-Nazis’ top blogger in Lithuania, “Zeppelinus”  (PDF; part transl.) who is said to work in the Ministry of the Economy. These threats came in response to DH’s opinion that Lithuania’s interests are not best served by a monument in Chicago to an alleged Nazi collaborator who is also a prime icon for today’s neo-Nazis.

21 October 2018.  Zeppelinus releases photoshop of Defending History’s editor,  who is accused of teaching his students about an alleged Nazi collaborator, together with Lithuania’s foreign minister, Linas Linkevicius, who is attacked for having agreed with the international community that plaques and honors for confirmed Nazi collaborator Jonas Noreika should be taken down. See report.

27 May 2017.  Zeppelinus in his blog publishes a montage of a 2015 Holocaust history conference photo of Dovid Katz speaking with session co-chairs Ruta Vanagaite and Simon Gurevich sitting behind, with a pasted-in Putinist hand pulling the strings, suggesting that discourse on the Holocaust from the Western and Jewish perspectives constitutes a form of “Putinism” . . . Background here.

4 October 2015.  Zeppelinus in his blog takes a photo of our editor on Gediminas’s castle in Vilnius with the Aramaic curse Pulso d’nuro  pasted in as speech bubble….

4 Oct 2015

After monitoring of the 11 March 2015 neo-Nazi parade in central Vinius, at a Facebook page.


1 April 2013.  April Fool’s Day image featured on the Zeppelinus site, and the FB blog pages of both Zeppelinus and Mr. Vytenis Petrusevičius.

april fools day

“Blogger Zeppelins
Dovid: ‘You know what? I’m happy!’
FB Blog Zeppelinus
until May 1”

25 February 2013.  Journalist on “mainstream” Balsas.lt site calls for Efraim Zuroff and Dovid Katz to be delivered for being torn apart [by wolves].

22 February 2013.  Article in XXI amzius (“21st Century”) on “Youth Organized March in Kaunas” with complaints about the “American Zionist Jewish character Katz.” As the first image in the article correctly shows, the lead banner at the Kaunas march honored the 1941 Nazi puppet Kaunas-based prime minister J. Ambrazevicius (Brazaitis), who was reburied by the state with full honors in 2012. The third photo shows “Katz collecting ‘evidence’ with recorder and camera”…

2012/2013. From the neo-Nazi site Stormfront (click on image for source):

Neo-Nazis don't like DefendingHistory.com

19 February 2013.  “Dialogued” image of Evaldas Balčiūnas and Dovid Katz who were among the handful of protesters at the February 16th neo-Nazi independence day march in Kaunas. On Blogeris Zeppelinus for February 19th, also on E. Girskis’s page for February 18th.

“Katz, you better be careful about the next Holocaust, we did agree on two bottles.”
“You promised to get punched in the nose in front of the cameras and deceived me. I’ll give you one and no more.”
February 16th is an event for them, too

16 February 2013. On the page of the Lithuanian Union of Nationalist Youth following the neo-Nazi march in Kaunas that day. Note: the Union, which receives government and (indirect) EU (!) support, organizes neo-Nazi marches among its other activities, and was recently honored in the Lithuanian parliament. The Union’s and similar activities were exposed in 2011 by two courageous Lithuanian journalists: Eglė Samoškaitė and Dovilė Tuskenytė (report).


Here, provocateur!
Antifascist “trophies”

February 2013.  Zeppelinus “discovers” a photograph (from 2009) picturing the Jewish Community’s deputy chairperson Faina Kukliansky, Defending History’s editor (these two being helpfully marked and kindly captioned…) along with an American diplomat, a Lithuanian diplomat,  and anti-Nazi partisan veteran Professor Sara Ginaite (center). Professor Ginaite ignored prosecutors’ intimidation to return to Lithuania for a visit to her native land.

Faina Kukliansky, attorney,deputy chair of LJC, chair of board of directors of Fund for Compensating Assets of the Jewish Community
Dovid Katz, US citizen, professor of exotic languages, active organizer of anti-Lithuanian activities

1 February 2013.  The “Dovid on the Motorcycle” photoshopped image appears on various sites, including the Lithuanian Nationalist Union of Youth / Lietuvių tautinio jaunimo sąjunga  (see above at 16 February 2013); Blogeris Zeppelinus for 28 January 2013Facebook, 2. Our reader Dr. J. Breeze, UK, found the apparent source in a Hagrid image.

14 March 2012.  T. Baranauskas in Alkas.lt accuses DK and DH of imagining fascist nature of the swastika and the currently popular “flaming swastika” (with comparative images of 1941 and 2012)

13 March 2012.  Tomas Bombadilas / Facebook. Followed around town (not just on this day…) and photographed in a Vilnius cafe, having a drink with an old friend…

Katz the Playboy
taken at Baras Meksika [Bar Mexico], Vilnius
Now it’s clear what in the hell Katz was looking for in Kaunas on February 16th… [He was in fact looking for] a Lithuanian girl to pick up and ply with cocktails…

12 March 2012.  Zeppelinius.livejournal.com. Doctored photo of giving a visiting card to old friend encountered before the neo-Nazi march in Vilnius on 11 March 2012. The neo-Nazi blog contains details on my old friend’s family history, including the heroic military service of his late parents in the Red Army, as part of the British-American-Soviet alliance that brought down Hitler and Nazi Germany.

The Spectre of Fascism is Strong
A lot of cash is needed to fight it

10 March 2012.  Lrytas.lt [comments on article].

29 February 2012.  Patriotai.lt. DK in the car arriving at the demonstration…

“We will teach you to love Lithuania!”
“Don’t shoot, we’re an antifascist autonomen unit. We are here to help Katz and antifa.lt disturb celebrating the Nazi March 11th holiday.”
“Get out of the car! You’ve arrived.”
March 11: A Holiday for Lithuanian Patriots
but just another workday for the provocateurs

17 February 2012.  Patriotai.lt.

17 February 2012.  M1M22M333M on YouTube.

16 February 2012.  Alkas.lt. Monitoring the monitor at the neo-Nazi events on 16 February 2012 in Kaunas.

And, perhaps more ominously, in the related nationalist consciousness of “mainstream ‘liberal’ intellectuals”

The well-camouflaged extremists among “mainstream nationalist intellectuals” feed right into synergistic de-facto augmentation of the far right’s campaign of personal and professional destruction against residents of Lithuania who stand up on Holocaust-related issues. By contrast, the environment is fulsomely democratic and tolerant of diversity of viewpoints on nearly every other issue.

See for example the 2011 discourse on a Facebook page dedicated to “anti-Nazi” activity (original Lithuanian; English translation. A major intellectual, Vytautas Toleikis accuses D. Katz of “poisoning their subconscious, essentially employing black arts” (some translate the employed phrase as “black magic”) to control and hypnotize Jews abroad and the local Jewish community (!) as well as being a tool of “Russian-Jewish” organizations (this was during Defending History’s concentration on prosecutors’ charges against Holocaust survivors and state glorification of Holocaust collaborators). See Defending History’s summary of the saga). Mr. Toleikis, widely suspected of hiding his own Jewish family roots, frequently wins  major prizes for “tolerance” (like all parties mentioned in this journal, is invited to respond on these pages; see DH’s Authors).

16 February 2012.  Lrytas.lt [comments on article].

31 January 2012.  R. Račinskas on a radio panel discussion.


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