“Museum of the Lost Shtetl” (or “Lost Truth”?) Forces Removal of Saulius Beržinis’s 5 Minute Youtube Trailer


Five Minutes & Six Seconds:

The Satanic Verses of Sheduva, Lithuania?

Our take:

Shame on the directors, donors, and staff of the “Museum of the Lost Shtetl” in the town of Sheduva, Lithuania, that has just had the five minute and six second  trailer to Saulius Beržinis’s classic Holocaust documentary on Sheduva removed from Youtube:

If this really is some kind of “copyright dispute” the Museum of the Lost Shtetl will rapidly re-post the trailer on Youtube with its own proposed copyright data, and indeed with any desired disclaimer (for example emphasizing that the work reflects its maker’s views rather than those of the museum). In the Solomonic spirit of love for the truth, and for life, we believe that none would complain to Youtube. Or, is this a case of the museum wanting to bury forever from the international public domain these moments from the documentary that it itself commissioned — and with it, the unvarnished truth about the Holocaust and the memories of its last witnesses in town? The truth that won’t be whitewashed away.

The five minute trailer on Yom HaShoah.  The saga.  Sheduva in Holocaust history over the last few years. A foreign journalist’s report withdrawn, allegedly after threats.

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