Ernst Lowenberg (1922 — 2014)

London: Ernst Lowenberg (1922 — 2014)


Ernst Josef Lowenberg

(28 December 1922 — 26 August 2014)

In his final months, London Holocaust survivor Ernst Lowenberg, a native of Halle am Saale in Germany, wrote to UK prime minister David Cameron asking the government to take a stand on East European Holocaust revisionism.

In 2012, on the eve of his ninetieth birthday, he led a peaceful, dignified, friendly picket-line outside the Lithuanian Embassy in London and handed the consul a petition.

He is pictured above at the prime minister’s Holocaust Commission consultation event held in London on 5 May 2014.

Funeral service Tuesday, 2 Sept. 2014 at 2 PM at West Chapel, Hoop Lane, Golders Green, London NW11

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