“ISTME” Conference Slated for Cracow in September is Funded under EU’s “Science and Technology”

Newest Word for Holocaust Revisionism in Eurospeak? “ISTME” (pronounced Is-it-me?) comes under “Science and Technology”

Is the EU Again being manipulated by “Double Genocide”? Are fine scholars again unwittingly instrumentalized for DG?

More red-equals-brown movement dissemination, now via “Science and Technology”? Orwellian concoctions to downgrade the Holocaust and stifle debate  have included: “Reconciliation of European Histories”, “Platform of European Memory”, “principle of non-discrimination of victimhood” and now, under “European cooperation in science and technology” a possibly brand new “Euro-classic”: In Search of Transcultural Memory in Europe (ISTME)

Will it be a fair and balanced conference in Cracow on 16-18 Sept. 2013

Will there be critical papers:

on the Prague Declaration (and SYD), Double Genocide?

on state-sponsored glorification of Nazi collaborators (in CroatiaHungaryLatviaLithuaniaUkraine)?

on arbitrary redefinition of genocide?

on attempts to incriminate survivors who joined the anti-Nazi resistance?

on “red-brown” laws restricting free speech in Hungary and Lithuania?


Was Montero instrumentalized in 2011?

When the EU “just said No”  (2010)


EU section

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