United Nations Human Rights Committee Notes Lithuanian Government’s Position on Public Swastikas and Authorized Neo-Nazi Parades

The United Nation’s Human Rights Committee in its 11 July 2012 report, issued in Geneva,  included the following text concerning the Lithuanian government’s arguments regarding the legalization of public swastikas and the ongoing authorization of neo-Nazi parades:

The Committee expressed grave concern about past demonstrations led by neo-Nazis, who openly displayed swastikas.  Though the State referenced the freedom of assembly and insisted these images were merely 13thcentury medieval symbols, the Committee remained staunch in its disapproval of State-permitted demonstrations such as these.  It reminded the delegation that the freedom of assembly and expression are not absolute rights, and must be managed by the State when they are in violation of human rights.

• Source: http://www.ccprcentre.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/LITHUANIA-11-July.pdf

• PDF copy here


Chronology of swastika legalization and legitimization in Lithuania

Original 2010 law

2012 neo-Nazi march in the center of the capital city

2012 neo-Nazi march in the center of the nation’s second city

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