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December 2012.  East European Jewish Affairs: ‘Debating, obfuscating and disciplining the Holocaust: post-Soviet historical discourses on the OUN-UPA and other nationalist movements’ by Grzegorz Rossoliński-Liebe.

26 December 2012. ‘Tell me I’m wrong’ by Geoff Vasil.

17 December 2012.  The Algemeiner ‘Estonian PM accused of “trying to write the Holocaust out of history” to visit Yad Vashem’ by Zach Pontz.

13 December 2012 Jewish Chronicle: ‘Lithuania Shoah event is “duplicitous” by Jennifer Lipman.

1 November 2012.  The Times of Israel: ‘For the last Nazi hunter, the inevitable comes into focus’ by Joshua Davidovich.

1 November 2012.  Baltimore Jewish Times: ‘The real truth’  by Efraim Zuroff [letter to the editor in response to Simone Ellin’s review of Ellen Cassedy’s book We are Here].

28 August 2012.  Jerusalem Post: ‘Envoy to Germany: Awardee ignores terror on Israel’ by Benjamin Weinthal.

16 August 2012.  Interview on ATV (Budapest).

18 June 2012.  Tattooed Media & Identity Films: ‘Rewriting history’ (promo).

18 May 2012.  Jewish Chronicle: ‘Outrage over honour for Lithuanian Nazi leader’ by Jessica Elgot.

15 May 2012.  Haaretz: ‘Glorifying a Nazi collaborator in Lithuania’ by Ofer Aderet.

3 April 2012.  Donkey Hottie: ‘My very own Hitler nostalgia’ by Moacir P. de Sá Pereira.

16 March 2012.  Guardian [/AP]: ‘Latvians pay annual tribute to Waffen SS fighters’  by Gary Peach.

14 March 2012.  European Commission site: ‘News. Martin Schulz, EP president, meeting with Dovid Katz: Handing over the Declaration on the Final Solution of the Wannsee Conference’.

11 March 2012.  JN1 TV: ‘Nationalists hijack Independence Day in Lithuania: Vilnius police allow “neo-Fascist” marches’. [Broadcast on 12 March]

11 March 2012. TV: Report on the neo-Nazi march.

10 March 2012. (Lietuvos rytas): ‘Jewish activists suggest the radicals go and march in Balbieriškės’ by Monika Bončkutė.  English translation here.

27 February 2012.  YouTube: ‘A Jewish guy in Vilnius reflects on the neo-Nazi march (2012)’ by DovidFrom55thStreet [Dovid Katz].

27 February 2012. ‘Lithuanian radio panel discussion on the Seventy Years Declaration’.

23 February 2012.  The Beacon: ‘Not on my watch: A response to Binyamin Weinreich’ by Simon Goldberg.

16 February 2012. ‘Profesorius D. Kacas: „Nacionalistų eitynės Vasario 16-ąją – visos Lietuvos gėda“’ by Nerijus Povilaitis.  [English translation]

20 January 2012.  Junge Welt: ‘Das ist Orwellsche Sprachverdrehung’  by Frank Brendle.

2011 ‘The history of now. The obfuscation of history’ by Harvey A. Cohen.

2011.  Östersjöjudisk Bulletin / Baltic Jewish Forum, Sweden: ‘Jiddischseminarium med hjälp från Östersjöjudiskt forum’ by Marianne Prager.

30 November 2011. ‘“That Awful Summer” — conference at Efrata College in Jerusalem’ by Joshua Markovitz.

27 November 2011.  Jerusalem Post: ‘Experts debate Lithuania’s Shoah policies’ by Gil Shefler.

18 November 2011.  VilNews: ‘Let me try once more to convince you’ by Olga Zabludoff.

9 November 2011.  Forward: ‘Is Yivo close to deal with Lithuania?’ by Paul Berger.

20 October 2011.  RT News: Interviews with Glyn Ford, Dovid Katz, Joseph Melamed, Efraim Zuroff.

28 September 2011.  Forward: ‘Lithuania tries to heal rift over Holocaust. Critics unmoved by package of measures trumpeted at Yivo gala’ by Paul Berger.

21 September 2011.  Forward: ‘Lithuanian official’s attendance at Yivo concert is uncertain. Survivors angry over government’s ambivalence to Holocaust’ by Paul Berger.

7 September 2011.  Forward: ‘Holocaust survivors angry about Yivo’s invitation to Lithuanian official. Baltic nation slow to come to grips with notorious Nazi past’ by Paul Berger.

7 September 2011.  Haaretz: ‘Expelling the ambassador’ by Yossi Melman. Hebrew language version, ‘Khutspa Litait’ available here.

7 September 2011.  Forward: ‘Holocaust survivors angry about Yivo’s invitation to Lithuanian official. Baltic nation slow to come to grips with notorious Nazi past’ by Paul Berger.

8 July 2011.  Budapester Zeitung: Interview of Efraim Zuroff by Anat Kalman.

4 July 2011.  The Jerusalem Report: ‘Lithuania obfuscates the Holocaust’ by Danny Ben-Moshe.

30 June 2011.  Transitions Online: ‘In Vilnius, shared pain, divided memories’ by Violeta Davoliute.

23 June 2011. ‘Litvaks and their descendants issue public letter calling for change in Lithuanian government’s Holocaust policies’.

21 June 2011.  Forward: ‘Top 10 overlooked Jewish heritage sites from around the globe’ by Michael Luongo [note that site no. 2 is the rapidly sinking Jewish partisan fort in Lithuania].

27 April 2011.  Lithuania Tribune: ‘Efraim Zuroff, the Nazi-hunter, says Lithuania is in danger’.

21 March 2011.  Kauno diena: ‘E. Zuroff: Skinhead march threatens Lithuanian democracy (interview) by Šarūnas Černiauskas.  English translation here.

13 March 2011.  Motley Moose: ‘Holocaust Obfuscation: worrying news from Lithuania’ by Peter Jukes.

13 March 2011.  Boston Globe: Exploring the “Bloodlands”. A controversial new history traces the rise of a horrible idea: the mass killing of civilians’ by Gal Beckerman.

10 March 2011.  Neues Deutschland: ‘The Holocaust and Lithuania’s “whitewash”. Professor Dovid Katz accuses the government of a falsification of history’ by Frank Brendle  [in German].

10 March 2011.  Lietuvos rytas / ‘Litvak bashes Lithuania in Washington including even Shrovetide carnival traditions’  by Rita Stankeviciute [in Lithuanian].

25 February 2011.  Forverts: ‘A tragi-comedy in Vilnius’ by Gennady Estraikh (New York)[in Yiddish] [published pseudonym: Jacob London (Oxford)]. Reply on here.

10 February 2011.  David Paul Books blog: ‘Whose side are you on?’ [featuring article by Evan Zimroth].

3 February 2011.  Canadian Jewish News: ‘West must address Lithuanian revisionism: prof’ by David Lazarus.

20 January 2011.  De Groene Amsterdammer: ‘Antisemitisme.  Jodenhaat wint terrein in Oost-Europa. “Het gaat goed met het antisemitism”‘ by Annemieke Hendriks.

3 January 2011The Weekly Standard: ‘Holocaust Hegemony… and its moral pitfalls’ by Sam Schulman.

2 January 2011. HRS [Human Rights Service]: ‘Support of Suicide Bombing against Israeli Jews is “not necessarily antisemitic?” A short portray of a typical German scholar on “peace” and antisemitism’ by Clemens Heni’.


29 December 2010Citation in the Jewish Ledger’s ‘A Year of Conversation’.

17 December 2010Televised interview (Budapest) by Peter Morvay on ATV television [Hungarian].

16 December 2010.  Televised interview (Budapest) by RTV television at conclusion of the Efraim Zuroff districy court hearing [Croatian].

16 December 2010Interview by Mindaugas Peleckis published in Čikagos aidasPublication on of the unabridged text of the original interview in English.

16 December 2010.  Interview with Frank Bendle cited in Junge Welt.

3 December 2010Televised interview (Vilnius) on Russia Today.

24 November 2010.  Lithuanian Foreign Policy Review: ‘Is there a chance for a common European culture of remembrance?’ by Rokas Grajauskas.

21 November 2010Televised interview (Vilnius) on Russia Today.

2010Journal of Baltic Studies: Review of L. Donskis (ed), A Litmus Test of Modernity: Examining Modern Sensibilities and the Public Domain in the Baltic States at the Turn of the Century, by Timofey Agarin.

14 October 2010The Economist: ‘Count, explain, remember’ by Edward Lucas.

12 October 2010Haaretz: ‘Lithuania woos Israel, in the shadow of the Holocaust’ by Sara Miller.

5 October 2010The Guardian: ‘The fatal fact of the Nazi-Soviet pact. I coincide with Zuroff and Katz on the centrality of the Holocaust, but we must not overlook how Stalin enabled Hitler’s crimes’ by Timothy Snyder.

1 October 2010VersPers: ‘De Litouwse strijd om genocide’ by Andrea Bartman.

October 2010Journal for the Study of Antisemitism (vol. 2.1: 157-162): ‘Riga and Remembering’ by Clemens Heni.

30 September 2010David Hirsh on Engage: ‘Perpetrators of the Holocaust were not anti-Communist patriots’.

20 September 2010Tablet Magazine: ‘Anti-Anti-Semitism. World Without Nazism is a Kremlin-flavored Anti-Defamation League for the post-Soviet realm—but is it good for Jews?’ by Alexander Zaitchik.      

14 September 2010Guardian: ‘I see why “double genocide” is a term Lithuanians want. But it appals me. To equate Soviet and nazi crimes is dishonest and historically false. Why has this poisonous idea taken such deep root?’ by Jonathan Freedland.

August-September 2010Illustrierte Neue Welt: ‘Relativierung des Holocaust. Prof. Dovid Katz im Gespräch mit Karl Pfeifer’ by Karl Pfeifer.

24 August ‘Severed pig’s head left on synagogue doorstep’.

5 August 2010.  Jerusalem Post: ‘Digging up the future’ by Ricky Ben-DavidPDFRussian version.

11 July 2010UCLA student’s comment: ‘Distortions of Holocaust history in Lithuania today’.

9 July 2010Hetek: ‘Voros-barna mereg [Red-Brown Poison]’ by Peter Morvay [interview of Dovid Katz, pp 14-15]As PDF. Web version.

1 July 2010Tablet Magazine: ‘Latvian Rightists Celebrate Nazis. “Holocaust obfuscation” continues in the Baltics’ by Marc Tracy.

25 June 2010Hetek [Budapest]: ‘A nácizmus nélküli világ’ by Péter Morvay .

24 June 2010ATV [Budapest]: ‘SS-veteránok, Jobbik, náci karikatúrák: világtalálkozó Kijevben’ by Péter Morvay.

21 June 2010NPD-Blog.Info: ‘Zuroff: Gaucks Kandidatur “extrem beunruhigend”’.

17 June 2010The Guardian: ‘Europe and the two faces of David Cameron. The PM seems conflicted over the “nutters, antisemites and homophobes” of his EU allies: where does he really stand? by Denis Macshane.

17 June 2010Lea Zeltserman’s blog: ‘Lithuania equates Communism with Nazism’.

14 June 2010Tablet Magazine: ‘Hungary passes controversial bill. It would equate Nazism and Communism’ by Marc Tracy.

21 May 2010The Canadian Jewish News: ‘Montreal Professor launches Litvak Studies Institute in Vilnius’ by David Lazarus.

4 May 2010The Atlantic: ‘Lithuania persecutes Holocaust Survivors’ [note and link] by Jeffrey Goldberg.

3 May 2010.  Tablet Magazine: ‘Rosenthal lays off Lithuania. Antisemitism envoy accused of obfuscating Holocaust obfuscation’ by Marc Tracy.

2 April 2010Lietuvos rytas: ‘Europe still fighting over history’ by Violeta DavoliuteEnglish translation. Author’s 6 April English version on Eurozine.

17 March 2010[London] Times / Times Online: ‘Latvian Waffen-SS veterans defy calls for ban with rally to commemorate comrades’ by David Charter.

24 February 2010Jewish Ledger: ‘Q & A with Dovid Katz’ by Cindy MindellPDF.

15 February 2010.  BBC Radio Manchester: Ed Horwich interviews Dovid Katz on the ‘Jewish Citizen’ program. Tape available from BBC Radio Manchester.

12 February 2010The Nation: ‘The hero of the Orange Revolution poisons Ukraine’ by Mark Ames.

12 February 2010Jeff Weintraub Commentaries and Controversies [blog]: ‘Eastern European ghosts of Nazism and Stalinism and the contemporary politics of historical amnesia and obfuscation’ by Jeff Weintraub.

11 February 2o10Report on Vilnius prosecutors’ ‘interest’ in Joseph Melamed on Izrus (based on the Holocaust in the Baltics).

10 February 2010Report on Vilnius prosecutors’ ‘interest’ in Joseph Melamed on Interfax (based on the Holocaust in the Baltics).

1 February 2010WPK: ‘Antisemitismus und die Prager Deklaration von Juni 2008’ by Clemens Heni.

31 January 2010Naye Khvalyes (Warsaw Yiddish Radio): radio interview in Yiddish of Dovid Katz by Katka MazurczakAlternate link.

26 January 2010Haaretz: ‘Shoah scholars slam European Union Parliament for Obfuscation campaign’ by Cnaan Liphshiz.

20 January 2010Reuters: ‘EU students get glimpse of the gulag in Lithuania’ by Nerijus Adomaitis.

9 January 2010SLS Writes: [comment on 8 January Guardian op-ed] by Mikhail Iossel.

8 January 2010Lithchat: ‘Brown is never equal to Red; Brown is always worse’ by Moacir P. de Sá Pereira.

7 January 2010Vilnius International Club’s VilNews: ‘The Wounds of the Holocaust in Lithuania still not healed’ by Aage Myhre.


17 December 2009The Jerusalem Post: ‘Lithuania’s Shoah Analogy sparks fury’ by Benny Weinthal [print edition 18 Dec; European Jewish Congress version 22 Dec].

4 November 2009.The Bruin Standard. A Journal of Politics and Culture at UCLA: ‘August hidden in Lithuania’ by Josh Markovitz.

29 October 2009Jewish Chronicle: ‘Europe must focus on Baltic hate. We must continue to push the issue of Polish, Latvian and Lithuanian antisemitism’ by John Mann MP.

26 October 2009‘The Prague Declaration, Holocaust Trivialization and antisemitism’ by Clemens Heni. PDF.

2o October 2009Guardian: ‘I knew the day of Holocaust “debate” would come. Just not in my lifetime’ by Jonathan Freedland.

5 October 2009OSCE Human Rights Conference in Warsaw: ‘“Prague Declaration” is a project to delete the Holocaust from European history’  by Dr. Shimon Samuels (director for international relations at the Simon Wiesenthal Center Europe Office); press release; alternate link.

17 September 2009Vilnius in Your Pocket. Comment by editor-in-chief ScoPDF from Oct-Nov 2009 print edition.

5 August 2009Mishpacha: ‘The new deniers’ by Avi Friedman.

30 June 2009Jerusalem Post: ‘Baltic states assailed for Holocaust Obfuscation’ by Etgar Lefkovits.

13 February 2009Haaretz: ‘When Lithuania was Yiddishland’  [including text on the exclusion of Dr. Rachel Margolis from the Jerusalem Book Fair’s Lithuanian section] by Raphael Ahren.

26 January 2009History News Network: ‘Muddling the Holocaust in Lithuania’ by Steven F. Lawson.


November 2008Baltic Worlds: ‘Separate Worlds. In Vilnius “Juden raus” is heard on streets that saw the Yiddish culture bloom and die’ by Arne Bengtsson.

10 October 2008. Transitions Online: ‘Hostages to an ill-begotten theory’ by Professor Leonidas Donskis; alternate link.

21 August 2008Economist: ‘Prosecution and persecution: Lithuania must stop blaming the victims’; alternate link; 2nd alternate link.

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