2016 Deterioration of Holocaust History and of Freedom of Speech in Poland


2 Sept 2016: Forward Exposes Rapid Deterioration of Free Speech and Academic Research on the Holocaust in Poland

1 August 2016: Dozens of Scholars of Polish Jewish History Publish a Bold and Historic Open Letter on Polish Government’s Distortions of History on Jedwabne and Kielce

Suspense rising on ultimate decision of master Brandeis scholar Antony Polonsky, who some think may have been manipulated by Lithuanian state honors in that country’s Holocaust politics

Some of those who signed the bold and forthright document re Poland have themselves sung a different tune on the Baltics after subsidies from Lithuanian gov. agencies

Will there finally be discussion on why so many Western and Israeli scholars don’t speak up on vastly more more state-sponsored Holocaust obfuscation, history fixing, and actual glorification of collaborators in the Baltics and Ukraine? Do free speech and frank discussion end at Poland’s eastern borders?

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