Tourists Shocked at Monuments and Street Names for Holocaust Collaborators

Increasing numbers of summer tourists, in the spirit of “dark tourism” (and, in an EU/NATO country, a spirit of incredulity) are seeking out street names, public plaques, university lecture halls and other monuments to both collaborators and actual perpetrators of the Lithuanian Holocaust.

Some find the following sections helpful to locating specific sites:

(1) Anthology of street names and honors for killers and collaborators in Lithuania.

(2) Section on events and memorials for collaborators and perpetrators in various parts of Eastern Europe.

(3) Sources on the Lithuanian government’s 2011 program of events to honor the Hitlerist Lithuanian Activist Front whose white-armbanded killers unleashed the Lithuanian Holocaust on 23 June 1041.

(4) Sources on the Lithuanian government’s 2012 program of reburial with full honors amidst glittering events of the 1941 Nazi puppet prime minister who co-signed Nazi orders for  the Jews of his city (Kaunas) to be sent to a death camp and the remainder to a ghetto. Debate with Edward Lucas of the Economist.

(5) Articles by Evaldas Balčiūnas.

(6) Articles by Milan Chersonski.

(7) Perpetrator dry-clean page.

(8) LAF’s pre-war leaflets indicating intentions toward fellow citizens who were Jewish.

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