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Also: Ongoing “postmorten defamation” of Israeli citizens in the absence of state apologies fo families of Holocaust survivors (and resistance heroes and champions of bona fide Holocaust education) Yitzhak Arad (1926-2021), Joseph Melamed (1924-2017), and Rachel Margolis (1921-2915)

Also: section on the “political department” of Yad has proposed seven solutions to Lithuanian-Jewish issues.


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3 December 2016.  Defending History: Dov Levin (1925-2016).

29 February 2016.  The Times of Israel: ‘Holocaust haunts Lithuanians as painful past comes to light’ by Vaidotas Beniusis.

28 February 2016.  Jerusalem Post: ‘Lithuanian town plans to name street after priest who organized gang that murdered Jews’ by Sam Sokol.

26 February 2016.  Defending History: ‘Israel’s Foreign Ministry faces a Lithuanian dilemma’.


29 December 2015.  YNet: ‘Holocaust Denial on the rise in Eastern Europe’ by Tali Farkash.

13 December 2015.  The Times of Israel: ‘Lithuania’s liveliest cemetery’ by Dovid Katz.

15 November 2015.  Defending History: ‘Did Prime Minister Netanyahu really “okay” the Vilnius “Conference Center in the Jewish Cemetery”’?

12 November 2015.  Defending History: ‘Question in the UK Parliament on the old Jewish cemetery in Vilnius’.

22 October 2015.  Defending History: ‘Lithuania’s President Dalia Grybauskaitė completes official visit to Israel’.

18 October 2015.  Defending History: ‘As Lithuanian president visits Israel’.

9 October 2015.  Defending History: ‘Purveyor of racist, misogynist, antisemitic, homophobic, Nazist “art” is alleged to work in Lithuania’s Economy Ministry’.

1 October 2015.  Defending History: ‘Another “conference on antisemitism” in Lithuania’.

29 September 2015.  Defending History: ‘On the Eve of the 30 Sept. 2015 “Conference on Antisemitism and Radicalism” in Vilnius.

22 September 2015.  Defending History: ‘Ponár (Paneriai) memorial: No rabbi, no cantor, no kaddish’.

15 September 2015.  i24: ‘Why Israel fails to confront Lithuania over the Holocaust’ by Efraim Zuroff.

10 September 2015.  Defending History: ‘Who opposes a convention center in Vilna’s old Jewish cemetery?’ [= Registry of published disagreement with the project].

9 September 2015.  Jerusalem Post: ‘Lithuanian PM to Post: Vilnius one of Israel’s “strongest partners” in EU’ by Herb Keinon.

9 September 2015.  JTA: ‘Netanyahu ok with construction on old Jewish cemetery, Lithuanian PM says’.

9 September 2015.  Lithuania Tribune / ‘Israeli government doesn’t mind Vilnius Sports Palace renovation project, Lithuanian PM says’ by BNS.

7 September 2015.  Jerusalem Post: ‘Lithuania and the rewriting of history’ by Efraim Zuroff.

6 September 2015.  The Times of Israel: ‘It’s a Jewish smackdown over Lithuanian site’s alleged graves’ by Cnaan Lipshiz.

3 September 2015.  Defending History: ‘Julius Berman remembers Uri Chanoch (1928-2015)’ by Julius Berman.

2 September 2015.  JTA: ‘It’s Jew vs. Jew (and rabbi vs. rabbi) in fight over Lithuanian site’ by Cnaan Lipshiz. In the Forward.

2 September 2015.  Hamodia: ‘Roshei Yeshivah in Lithuania to oppose cemetery desecration’ by Rafael Hoffman.

30 August 2015.  Jerusalem Post: ‘Cemetery controversy: “Much ado about nothing,” say Lithuanian Jewish leaders’ by Sam Sokol.

28 August 2015 [dated: 26 Aug].  Jewish Community of Lithuania: ‘International rabbinic delegation pleads with government leaders to cancel redevelopment plan of Sports Palace, desecrating 500-year old Snipiskes cemetery – BNS’.

28 August 2015.  Jewish Community of Lithuania: ‘International rabbinic delegation travels to Vilnius to plea for the cancellation of development plans on the Snipiskes cemetery’.

27 August 2015.  Hamodia: ‘Roshei yeshivah in Lithuania to oppose cemetery desecration’ by Rafael Hoffman.

26 August 2015.  Jerusalem Post: ‘Rabbinic delegation asks Lithuania to cancel planned conference center in Vilna cemetery’ by Sam Sokol.

26 August 2015.  The Lithuania Tribune / ‘Jewish rabbis inquire about Vilnius Sports Palace project’ by BNS.

26 August 2015.  Defending History: ‘International rabbinic delegation issues press release on visit to Lithuania to appeal for reprieve for the old Jewish cemetery at Piramont’.

26 August 2015.  Hapéles: ‘Giants of Torah, may they be blessed, on an urgent trip to rescue the old Jewish cemetery in Vilna’ by I. Shechter [in Hebrew].

25 August 2015.  Jerusalem Post: ‘Lithuanian PM: Sports complex in Jewish cemetery to be built with “proper respect”’ by Sam Sokol.

24 August 2015.  The Times of Israel [French edition]: ‘Profanation du cimetière juif de Vilnius – Lettre au Président de la Commission Européenne’ by Didier Bertin.

23 August 2015. ‘Lituanie: Profanation du cimetière juif de Vilnius par les autorités pour construire un Centre de Congrès avec les fonds de l’Union européenne’ by Didier Bertin.

23 August 2015.  Defending History: ‘London “graveyard giveaway rabbis” issue statement that fails to mention convention center’.

23 August 2015.  CPJCE / Admas Kodesh (London): ‘Press release’.

23 August 2015.  Defending History: ‘Serge Klarsfeld calls on EU to desist from “structural funds” for the “Cemetery Convention Center” in Vilnius.

22 August 2015.  Defending History: ‘Didier Bertin’s letter to the president of the European Commission on the old Vilnius Jewish cemetery’ by Didier Bertin.

21 August 2015.  Defending History: ‘Motke Chabad weighs in on Vilnius debate’ by Motke Chabad.

18 August 2015. ‘Lithuanian Jews dump chief rabbi for ‘lies’ as lengthy war over fate of ancient cemetery rages on’ by Steve.

17 August 2015.  Lithuania Tribune / English ‘Lithuanian Jewish community to appoint new rabbi’ by BNS.

17 August 2015.  Jerusalem Post: ‘Lithuanian chief rabbi fired over cemetery dispute’ by Sam Sokol.

17 August 2015. ‘Atleistas Vilniaus rabinas Chaimas Bursteinas’ by BNS & inf.

17 August 2015. ‘Atleistas apsimelavęs žydų rabinas’ by BNS.

17 August 2015.  Facebook: Statement by Rabbi Chaim Burshtein [in Russian].

16 August 2015.  Jewish Heritage Europe: ‘Vilnius old Jewish cemetery dispute seems involved in chief rabbi’s dismissal’.

16 August 2015.  Defending History: ‘Lithuanian translation of Professor Pinchos Fridberg’s Times of Israel article on the Vilnius Jewish Cemetery’.

15 August 2015.  Defending History: ‘Chairperson of Lithuanian Jewish Community issues statement after sack of chief rabbi’.

14 August 2015.  JTA: Lithuania’s chief rabbi fired amid dispute over construction on former cemetery’.

14 August 2015.  Jewish Community of Lithuania: ‘LJC Chairwoman responds to attacks in Israeli press’ by Faina Kukliansky.

14 August 2015.  Jewish Community of Lithuania: ‘Report by Vilnius Jewish Religious Community on August 14, 2015′.

14 August 2015.  Defending History: ‘Lithuania’s Chief Rabbi fired days after issuing statement opposing convention center in old Vilna Jewish cemetery’.

14 August 2015.  Defending  History: ‘What does the 27 May 2009 cable from the US Embassy in Vilnius tell us about the CPJCE, money and secrecy?

13 August 2015.  Defending History: ‘Lithuania’s Chief Rabbi cites evidence that non-Litvak London rabbis get paid for their “permissions” to desecrate Vilnius Jewish cemetery’.

13 August 2015.  Facebook: Statement by Rabbi Chaim Burstein [on 2009 US Embassy cable referring to payment of $100,000 to outside parties in connection with the old Jewish cemetery at Piramont] [in Russian].

13 August 2015. Defending History: ‘Jewish Community website posts response to Jerusalem Post article on Piramónt’.

12 August 2015.  Simon Wiesenthal Center / Operation Last Chance: ‘Wiesenthal Center issues statement on old jewish cemetery in Vilnius’ [Also in Defending History].

11 August 2015.  Jerusalem Post: ‘Anger flares over Lithuanian sports complex planned over Jewish graveyard’ by Sam Sokol.

11 August 2015.  Defending History: ‘Lithuania’s chief rabbi issues statement opposing convention center project at old Jewish cemetery’.

11 August 2015.  Facebook: Statement by Rabbi Chaim Burshtein [on the joint statement signed by twelve leading Litvak rabbinic leaders in the United States opposing the placing of a convention center on the old Jewish cemetery at Piramont] [in Russian].

11 August 2015.  Defending History: ‘Translation of the summer 2015 call by 12 Litvak rabbis in the US on Vilnius Jewish cemetery‘.

11 August 2015.  JTA: ‘Lithuanian chief rabbi considers splitting from community’.  In the Forward.

9 August 2015.  Defending History: ‘A Latvian-American journalist in Riga reflects on a Jewish cemetery saga in Vilnius’ by Juris Kaža.

9 August 2015.  Jerusalem Post: ‘Lithuanian government did not attempt to deport chief rabbi, spokesman says’ by Sam Sokol.

8 August 2015.  Jewish Community of Lithuania: ‘Head of LJC Faina Kukliansky on articles in foreign press about Chaim Burshtein’ by Faina Kukliansky.

7 August 2015. Defending History: “A tale of two tweets”.

7 August 2015.  Defending History: ‘Lithuania’s Chief Rabbi Felt Threatened with Deportation after Opposing Cemetery Desecration’.

7 August 2015.  Der Blat: ‘Committee for the Preservation of Jewish Cemeteries in Europe and Admas Kodesh in the United States are encouraged to continue, with the help of heaven, with the rescue of the Jewish cemetery in the city Vilna, Lithuania, following passionate letter from prominent heads of yeshiva, a long life to them’ [in Yiddish: Váad Lehatsólas Bótey Álmin b’Eyrópe un Ádmas Kóydesh b’Artsoys Ha-brís ermútikt fórtsuzetsn b’siyáse dishmáye lehatsólas beys-hakháyim in shtot Vílne, Lite, nokh héyser briv fun prominénte ròshey-yeshíves, shlíto].

7 August 2015.  Jerusalem Post: ‘Lithuanian government did not attempt to deport Chief Rabbi, spokesman says’ by Sam Sokol.

7 August 2015.  JTA: ‘Lithuanian official denies deportation threat against chief rabbi’.

6 August 2015.  The Times of Israel: ‘Lithuania’s chief rabbi may face deportation’.

6 August 2015. ‘Lithuanian TSA officer tells chief rabbi he may never be allowed to re-enter country’ by Eliezer Sherman.

6 August 2015.  Jerusalem Post: ‘Lithuanian chief rabbi accuses government of deportation threat’ by Sam Sokol.

6 August 2015.  Defending History: ‘Lithuania’s chief rabbi felt threatened with deportation after opposing convention center project at old Jewish cemetery’.

6 August 2015.  Facebook: Statement by Rabbi Chaim Burshtein [on incident at Vilnius airport] [in Russian].

12 August 2015.  Simon Wiesenthal Center / Operation Last Chance: ‘Wiesenthal Center issues statement on old Jewish cemetery in Vilnius’ by Efraim Zuroff.

27 January 2015.  Arutz Sheva: ‘Top Nazi hunter: Eastern Europe rewrote the Holocaust’ by Benny Toker and Ari Yashar.


11 September 2014.  The Times of Israel: ‘Israel to open embassy in Lithuania’ by Stuart Winer.

27 January 2014. ‘Israeli Association of 2nd and 3rd generation survivors calls for action from Israel and other democracies’.

2 January 2014.  Invitation to Next Generations / Yad Vashem 23rd January event in Tel Aviv.

2 January 2014.  PDF of Avi Friedman’s 2009 article in Mishpacha made available.

1 January 2014. ‘Efraim Zuroff interviewed in Belgrade, Serbia by Aleksandar Roknić’.


27 December 2013.  JTA: Lithuanian lawmaker: Jews only want to take money. Also in

24 December 2013. ‘A Love Story’ by Pinchos Fridberg.

24 December 2013. ‘Head of Lithuanian parliament’s Budget Committee says Israel should pay pensions of Lithuania’s Righteous Among the Nations’.

5 December 2013. ‘An open letter to Steve Linde, editor-in-chief of the Jerusalem Post’ by Olga Zabludoff.

22 November 2013. ‘Jerusalem Post, again, fails to post dissenting comments on a “Lithuanian ecstasy” story’.

28 October 2013. ‘Dr. Efraim Zuroff’s speech at the annual memorial for Lithuanian Holocaust victims’ by Efraim Zuroff [original Hebrew text here].

11 October 2013. ‘An appeal to conscience: October’s red-brown commission festivities in Vilnius’.

15 September 2013.  Jerusalem Report / Jerusalem Post: ‘Yad Vashem and the Holocaust in Lithuania’ by Dina Porat. See also Comments under the article.

26 August 2013.  Jerusalem Report: ‘Yad Vashem and the “two genocides”’ by Danny Ben-Moshe. Reposted on website of Jewish Community of Lithuania. Online on joint Jerusalem Report / Jerusalem Post website, 12 August 2013. Authorized Russian translation by Milan Chersonski. Reposted in Reporter; in;

30 July 2013.  ‘Defending History’s proposed paper rejected for Tel Aviv conference on “Autonomous histories and studies of the Holocaust”’.

Spring 2013.  Israel Journal of Foreign Affairs: ‘Marek Jan Chodakiewicz, Intermarium: The Land between the Black and Baltic Seas’ reviewed by Dovid Katz.

28 May 2013.  Jerusalem Post: ‘ADL unhappy with antisemitism parley speakers’ by Sam Sokol.

28 May 2013.  The Times of Israel: ‘Amid controversy, Foreign Ministry kicks off antisemitism conference’ by Raphael Ahren.

9 May 2013.  The Times of Israel: ‘How not to prevent a second Holocaust’ by Clemens Heni.

1 May 2013.  Arutz Sheva: ‘Op-ed: Interview with Efraim Zuroff. Baltic antisemitism’ by Manfred Gerstenfeld.

29 April 2013.  Jerusalem Post: ‘Whitewashing antisemitism’ by Efraim Zuroff.

29 April 2013. ‘Facebook discussion on the 2013 Global Forum (23-28 April 2013).

22 April 2013.  The Times of Israel: ‘Nazi hunter chides Israel over antisemitism confab invites’ by Raphael Ahren.

22 April 2013.  Jerusalem Report: ‘Lithuania’s deceit’ by Bernard Dichek.

9 April 2013.  Jerusalem Post: ‘A threat too serious to ignore. Israel should take action on Holocaust-related issues as some “cultprits” likely to take over EU presidency’ by Efraim Zuroff.

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12 November 2012.  The Times of Israel: ‘Efraim Zuroff, history’s lonely defender’ by Dovid Katz.

1 November 2012.  The Times of Israel: ‘For the last Nazi hunter, the inevitable comes into focus’ by Joshua Davidovich.

21 October 2012.  ‘Tel Aviv’s Leivick House releases 2009 video of Ambassador Chen Ivri Apter’.

18 October 2012.  Leivick House Tel Aviv: Release of 19 June 2009 video of Ambassador Chen Ivri Apter addressing event to honor Dr. Rachel Margolis.

September 2012.  Israel Journal of Foreign Affairs (VI:3): ‘Staring at the past with eyes wide shut: Holocaust revisionism and negationism in Romania’ by Simon Geissbühler.

24 September 2012. ‘Holocaust commemoration Vilnius style — with an Israeli twist’ by Geoff Vasil and Dovid Katz.

9 September 2012. ‘Families of Holocaust survivors in the US release public letter on renewal of Lithuanian government’s Red-Brown Commission’ [drafted by Faye Ran].

7 September 2012.  Haaretz, Books Supplement: ‘Killed by their neighbors’ [review of David Bankier’s Expulsion and Extermination: Holocaust Testimonials from Provincial Lithuania; Frank Buonagunio’s The Last Bright Days. A Young Woman’s Life in a Lithuanian Shtetl on the Eve of the Holocaust; Ellen Cassedy’s We Are Here: Memories of the Lithuanian Holocaust]‘ by Efraim Zuroff. [As PDF; digital version on the Haaretz website appeared 24 Sept 2012]

3 September 2012. ‘English text of Joseph Melamed’s letter to Yad Vashem’.

3 September 2012. ‘Joseph Melamed, head of Lithuanian Holocaust Survivors’ association, releases letter to director of Yad Vashem’.

3 September 2012. ‘Holocaust survivors, based in Tel aviv, issue statement on renewal of red-brown commission’.

3 September 2012. June 2009 corresopndence with Yad Vashem.

31 August 2012.  Haaretz: ‘Trove of everyday items reveals Lithuania’s dark Holocaust secret’ by Ofer Aderet.  As PDF.

28 August 2012.  Jerusalem Post: ‘Envoy to Germany: Awardee ignores terror on Israel’ by Benjamin Weinthal.

28 August 2012. ‘Yad Vashem shocks Holocaust survivors by rejoining Lithuanian government’s “red-brown commission”’.

19 July 2012.  Jerusalem Post: ‘The truth about Lithuania’ by Efraim Zuroff [op-ed reply to earlier interview by Michael Freund with Prime Minister Kubilius].

17 July 2012.  The Times of Israel: ‘Hungary must bring Laszlo Csatary to justice. An open letter to Hungarian president Janos Ader upon his visit to Israel’  by Efraim Zuroff.

5 July 2012.  Jerusalem Post: ‘The death of a Nazi hunter’ by Efraim Zuroff.

24 June 2012.  Jerusalem Post: ‘Rivlin retracts invite for Hungarian counterpart’ by Lahav Harkov.

22 June 2012.  The Times of Israel: ‘Getting back to the basics about the Holocaust’ by Robert Rozett.

29 May 2012.  Jerusalem Post: ‘Grass’s poem hovers over German president’s visit’ [with reference also to the Prague Declaration] by Benjamin Weinthal.

23 May 2012.  YNet: ‘Jews protest as Lithuania set to rebury WWII leader’ by Levi Brackman and Rivkah Lubitch.

21 May 2012.  Haaretz: ‘Lithuanian synagogue vandalized after commemoration of Nazi collaborator’ by Ofer Aderet.

16 May 2012.  Haaretz: ‘Lithuania reinstates event to honor Nazi collaborator’ by Ofer Aderet.

15 May 2012.  Haaretz: ‘Lithuanian university calls off memorial for pro-Nazi head of state’ by Ofer Aderet.

15 May 2012.  Haaretz: ‘Glorifying a Nazi collaborator in Lithuania’ by Ofer Aderet.

15 May 2012.  Jerusalem Post: ‘Lithuania’s shame’ by Efraim Zuroff.

13 May 2012.  Haaretz (Hebrew): ‘Pro-Nazi Lithuanian to be buried in a state ceremony’ by Ofer Aderet.

9 March 2012.  The Times of Israel: ‘Nazi hunter leads criticism of Lieberman for cordially hosting Lithuanian FM’ by Raphael Ahren.

5 March 2012.  YNet: ‘Holocaust survivors rally against Lithuanian FM’ by Gilad Morag.

5 March 2012.  Haaretz: ‘Lithuania hypocritical about Holocaust’ by Efraim Zuroff [letter to the editor].

25 January 2012.  Letter from the Association of Lithuanian Jews in Israel to EnergyMinister Uzi Landau.

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23 November 2011.  Jerusalem Post: ‘Israel has a friend in Lithuania’ by Harley Felstein and Adrienne Oleck.  In reply on 28 November: ‘Manipulation?’ (Letter to the Editor from Dovid Katz).

3 November 2011.  Jerusalem Post: ‘UNESCO vote reveals Lithuanian duplicity’ by Dovid KatzAs PDF.  Reprint in the Algemeiner Journal.

2 November 2011.  Jerusalem Report / Jerusalem Post: ‘Lithuania assaults Holocaust memory’ by Danny Ben-Moshe.

29 June 2011‘Where does Yad Vashem stand on East European double-game double-genocide Holocaust politics?’ on

6 June 2011Yad Vashem slated to join revisionist Holocaust conference in Lithuanian Parliament’ on

12 May 2011.  Deputy Israeli foreign minister Danny Ayalon gives videogtaped interview in Vilnius on the opening of an Israeli honorary consulate.

4 January 2011.  ‘Lithuania’s lie and Israel’s silence. Op-ed: Lithuania claiming that Communist crimes equivalent to those of the Nazis’ on Ynet (by Efraim Zuroff).

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31 December 2010.  ‘Lithuania’s lie and Israel’s silence’ on Ynet (by Efraim Zuroff) [in Hebrew].

30 December 2010.   ‘Debate Goes On: Nazi Hunter Zuroff vs Researcher Rabbi Rosenson’ on Arutz Sheva (by Efraim Zuroff).

28 December 2010‘Part III: Rosenson denies Zuroff’s accusations on Lithuania on Arutz Sheva.

26 December 2010‘Dr Efraim Zuroff, Nazi hunter: Lithuania has not changed’ on Arutz Sheva (by Efraim Zuroff).

24 December 2010‘Is Lithuania sincere about owning up to its Holocaust role?’ on Arutz Sheva (by David Lev).

19 December 2010‘Take Lithuania to task’ in the Jerusalem Post (by Efraim Zuroff).

15 December 2010‘An open letter to the prime minister of Lithuania on the eve of his visit to Israel’ on (by Dovid Katz).

November 2010[Discussion in response to Barry Rubin:] in the Israel Journal of Foreign Affairs (by Jan Grabowski, Juliana Geran Pilon, Dovid Katz, John S. Micgiel).

12 October 2010‘Lithuania woos Israel, in the shadow of the Holocaust’ in Haaretz (by Sara Miller).

20 September 2010‘Joseph Melamed, chairman of ALJ, speaks out forcefully at Yad Vashem event to mark anniversary of Vilna Ghetto Liquidation’ on HITB.

27 August 2010‘Right of reply: A threat to Holocaust memory’  in the Jerusalem Post (by Efraim Zuroff).

13 August 2010‘Those who neglect their past have no future’  in the Jerusalem Post (by Barry Rubin).

5 August 2010‘Digging up the future’ in the Jerusalem Post (by Ricky Ben-David)As PDFRussian version.

15 July 2010Association of Lithuanian Jews calls for boycott of the Lithuanian prime minister’s ‘Litvak Forum’.

2 July 2010‘Estonian president obfuscated Holocaust during Jerusalem visit; marchers honor SS’ on HITB.

26 June 2010‘Brazauskas dies; a giant of modern Lithuania who embraced all his country’s peoples’ on HITB. Israel related references include his 1995 speech before the Knessetand Daiva Repeckaite’s interview with Yeshayahu Epstein of Tel Aviv.

8 June 2010‘Unfinished Business and Unexploited Opportunities: Central and Eastern Europe, Jews, and the Jewish State’ in Israel Journal of Affairs 4.2: 37-47 (by Barry Rubin).

9 March 2010‘Yitzhak Arad, survivor, resistance fighter, and major Holocaust scholar, wins book award in New York City’ on HITB.

8 February 2010‘Vilnius Prosecutors “visit” Lithuanian Jewish Community on Holocaust Remembrance Day, questioning ties to Survivor in Tel Aviv who is the latest to be “investigated”‘ on HITB.

1 February 2010‘President of Croatia honors Dr Efraim Zuroff in Zagreb’ on HITB.

27 January 2010Mass circulation paper attacks the Jewish community of Lithuania (over Gaza) on Holocaust Remembrance Day.

25 January 2010‘Remembering accurately on International Holocaust Remembrance Day’ in the Jerusalem Post(by Yehuda Bauer).

10 January 2010‘When cooperation fails’ in the Jerusalem Post (by Efraim Zuroff).

3 January 2010‘On human suffering’ in the Jerusalem Post (by Shimon Samuels)Alternate link.

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29 December 2009‘Right of reply: Our suffering should be the basis for cooperation, not competition’ in the Jerusalem Post (by Barry Rubin).

23 December 2009. ‘Of insult and mockery’ by Efraim Zuroff in the Jerusalem Post (by Efraim Zuroff).

23 December 2009‘German parliamentarian wins award in Jerusalem, blasts the “Prague Declaration”‘ on HITB.

17 December 2009‘Lithuania’s Shoah Analogy sparks fury’ in the Jerusalem Post(by Benny Weinthal).

16 December 2009‘Candidly speaking: far more negative, far more dangerous’ in the Jerusalem Post (by Isi Leibler).

15 December 2009‘Holocaust survivors [in Tel Aviv] call on Global Forum to condemn the “Prague Declaration” on HITB.

9 December 2009‘US Congress protests Lithuanian government campaign against Rachel Margolis and other Holocaust survivors who joined the anti-Nazi resistance’ on HITB.

9 December 2009‘Lithuanian Foreign Minister, on eve of Jerusalem visit, explains his view of “red and brown”‘ on HITB.

14 November 2009‘Shimon Peres attacked for holding Nazi and Soviet crimes to be different’ on HITB.

28 October 2009‘Rachel Margolis turns 88’ on HITB.

25 October 2009.  On the eve of Rachel Margolis’s 88th birthday on 28 October, Israeli Embassy chargé d’affaires in Riga, Liat Wexelman, issues a letter of greetings.

23 June 2009‘The Baltic project to delete the Holocaust from European history. Observations from Lithuania’ at the Institute for Global Jewish Affairs (by Dovid Katz). Synopsis.

19 June 2009. Israel’s ambassador to Latvia and Lithuania, HE Chen Ivri Apter is the keynote speaker and presents Dr Margolis with a certificate from his embassy. Speakers include Professor Israel Bartal, Professor Dov Levin (both Hebrew University of Jerusalem), Professor Dovid Katz (Vilnius University), and chairman of the event Daniel Galay, director of Leivick House. A group of children studying Yiddish with Hannah Polin Galay made a presentation to Dr Margolis. The hall was packed. Reports on HITB and the Leivick House website.

January-March 2009. ‘It’s not just about the Jerusalem Book Fair’ in Jerusalem of Lithuania (by Milan Chersonski).

24 February 2009‘Lithuanian hypocrisy. In recent years, the government of Lithuania has been making considerable efforts to improve the country’s image in Israeli public opinion. The discussions in Jerusalem were part of this attempt, which is entirely fraudulent and deceptive’ in Haaretz (by Dov Levin).

13 February 2009. ‘When Lithuania was Yiddishland’ in Haaretz (by Raphael Ahren).

2009‘The Prague Declaration’, a statement by the Association of Lithuanian Jews in Israel.

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25 September 2008‘Part of the pre-trial investigation in respect of crimes committed by the Soviet partisan squad during the WWII and related to Yizthak [sic] Arad was closed’ on Prosecution Service of the Republic of Lithuania [the Service goes on to ask the public for assistance in looking for ‘evidence’, and faults Dr Arad’s book on the basis of an anonymous ‘doctor of humanitarian sciences (expert-historian)’. Question: Will the anonymous expert-historian trasher of Dr Arad’s book please identify himself and share his evidence with colleagues?

22 August 2008‘Were the Jewish partisans Stalinist dupes?’ (by Yossi Melman) in The New Centrist.

28 May 2008‘Lithuania accuses Holocaust survivors of war crimes: “I have fought once. I can fight again”‘ in the Jerusalem Post (by Danielle Singer).

8 May 2008‘Police come looking for Holocaust survivors Rachel Margolis and Fania Yocheles Brantsovsky’ on HITB.

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10 September 2007Information on suspicions against Yizthak [sic] Arad’ on Prosecution Service of the Republic of Lithuania.

7 September 2007‘Lithuania asks to quiz ex-Yad Vashem head over WWII killings’ (by Anshel Pfeffer).

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17-19 June 2006‘Prosecutors eye Israeli army general’ in Lithuanian Press Digest.


6 November 1998. Holocaust survivors expressed grave concerns about the Lithuanian ‘red-brown commission’ at its inception in 1998.


8 July 1993‘Old ghosts in Lithuania’ in the Jerusalem Post (by Efraim Zuroff).


20 March 1990‘Justice from the Lithuanians’ in the Jerusalem Post (by Efraim Zuroff).

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