Yossi Melman of Haaretz Responds to Yivo Director’s Attack

Haaretz reporter Yossi Melman, author of the 7 Sept. article which brought the Lithuanian government campaign against Holocaust survivor Joseph Melamed to wide attention, and who today broke the story about Yad Vashem’s disinvitation of a Lithuanian minister over the Melamed affair, has today authorized release to the media of his 13 Sept. letter to Yivo director Jonathan Brent. The letter is in response to Mr. Brent’s 9 Sept. circular email to the entire staff of Yivo. Mr. Melman explained to DefendingHistory.com that he is releasing the letter because he had received no response from Mr. Brent.

From: Yossi Melman
Sent: Tuesday, September 13, 2011
To: Jonathan Brent
Subject: outrageous

Mr. Brent

It was brought to my attention that you described my op-ed piece in my paper HAARETZ as “outrageous”. Your description of my accurate, honest and moral piece is scandalous. Your writing is collaborative and appeasing. In other times your position and approach to the Lithuanian authorities would have been described in more powerful words and titles.

I have a simple question which I hope you will not avoid and have the courage to answer me.

Do you accept the Yad Vashem version regarding the Lithuanian officer who murdered at least one Jew or the Lithuanian government version of events seeing him as a “national hero” who fought the communists as described by the Lithuanian ambassador to the State of Israel?


Yossi Melman

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