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Issues 1 – 30 of the Oxford Yiddish Monthly ‘Yiddish Pen’ (די פּען), Aug. 1994 — Jan. 1997


Note: For English table-of-contents pages, please scroll to the end of each PDF. Scans of contents and title pages only (for issues 1-27) are available here and here.

Yiddish Pen 1

Yiddish Pen 2

Yiddish Pen 3

Yiddish Pen 4

Yiddish Pen 5

Yiddish Pen 6

Yiddish Pen 7

Yiddish Pen 8

Yiddish Pen 9

Yiddish Pen 10

Yiddish Pen 11

Yiddish Pen 12

Yiddish Pen 13

Yiddish Pen 14

Yiddish Pen 15

Yiddish Pen 16

Yiddish Pen 17

Yiddish Pen 18

Yiddish Pen 19

Yiddish Pen 20

Yiddish Pen 21

Yiddish Pen 22

Yiddish Pen 23

Yiddish Pen 24

Yiddish Pen 25

Yiddish Pen 26

Yiddish Pen 27

Yiddish Pen 28-29

Yiddish Pen 30

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Defending the History of: Yiddish at Oxford


Under the leadership of the visionary founder of modern Jewish studies at Oxford University, Dr. David Patterson (1922–2005), the academic research and teaching institution which he created became for around two decades a major world center of Yiddish studies. That institution was the Oxford Centre for Postgraduate Hebrew Studies (since renamed the Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies). Indeed, it was Yiddish in the last quarter of the twentieth century that catapulted the Centre from just another sleepy Hebrew studies unit to a world-class center in advanced studies, including successful doctoral programs that provided a generation of (today’s) professors, and seminal publications in English and Yiddish that will be there for centuries to come. The kind of thing that the current twenty-first century incarnation of the same institution might well look back on with pride and even some nostalgia.

Among today’s scholars, educators, authors and personalities in the wider arts who were attracted to come and study Yiddish by our team, enabled at each stage by Dr. Patterson (in an array of settings ranging from weekly classes through summer courses to doctoral programs) at the Centre between the 1970s and 1990s are Prof. Marion Aptroot, Dr. Helen Beer, Prof. James Dingley, Prof. Jennifer Dowling, Prof. Gennady Estraikh, Mr. Elliot Gertel, Prof. Christopher Hutton, Dr. Devra Kay, Prof. Dov-Ber Kerler, Ms. Miri Koral, Dr. Holger Nath, Prof. Ritchie Robertson, Ms. Elinor Robinson, Mr. David Schneider, Prof. Robert Moses Shapiro, Prof. Astrid Starck, Dr. Heather Valencia, Prof. Nina Warnke, Mr. Tim Whewell, among many others.

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In Reply to Summertime Yiddishists in Vilnius

VILNIUSThe following Facebook post, on the page of DH’s editor, issued today, is republished below. For context and a fuller picture, see DH’s recent report on the manipulation of Yiddish by the state’s commission reponsible for promoting the Double Genocide movement in the European Parliament and beyond.

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