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Lithuania’s Ambassador in Washington Tells Audience of Ruta Vanagaite’s “Russian Connection”


by Josh Cohen (Washington DC)

As anyone who has been following events in Lithuania for the last several years surely knows by now, the country sports street names and monuments honoring locals who collaborated with the Nazis during World War Two. It was in this context that I attended an event in Washington, DC yesterday at the Wilson Center’s Kennan Institute discussing Ruta Vanagaite’s controversial book “Our People” (it appeared in Lithuanian in 2016) that blows open the door describing the true extent of Lithuanian collaboration in the Holocaust. Vanagaite and her co-author Efraim Zuroff , director of the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s Israel Office, spoke at the event.

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“Double Genocide” Snuck into Congress?

Did “Double Genocide” from the “Prague Declaration” Land Under the Radar in the United States Congress?


stealth bomber
By stealth out of the East?

A Shock for Veterans, Holocaust Survivors & their Families: US Congress Approves Mixed Soviet-Nazi Commemoration Day in Line with 2008 “Prague Declaration”  (Text)

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Lithuanian Foreign Ministry’s ‘Dual Track Jewish Politics’: At Home & Abroad

AT HOME. . .

♦ Foreign Minister’s remarks on Jewish conspiracies

An emergency Jewish Community board meeting with twenty-one members in attendance agrees unanimously on a letter of protest to the president of Lithuania; report

♦ Says moustache length is the one difference between Hitler & Stalin and calls eight parliamentarians ‘pathetic’ for signing the Seventy Years Declaration on the anniversary of the Wannsee ‘Final Solution’ conference

♦ Responses from Social Democratic MP Andiukaitis; Milan Chersonski; Roger Cohen in the New York Times; DefendingHistory.com; Adar Primor in Haaretz

♦ Leads Double Genocide moves

♦ Ministry hosts attack on Jewish anti-Nazi partisans

♦ When there’s no Jewish audience, the peoples of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania are Lithuanians, Poles, Belarusians. . .

♦ But the Ministry’s website professes endless love for Jews and Jewish culture

& ABROAD. . .

♦ Washington DC PR campaign

♦ Vassal ‘King of Litvaks’ anointed

♦ DC embassy’s ‘Sunflowers’

♦ Response

♦ Tel Aviv embassy’s ‘IsraeLita’

♦ Ambassador defends pro-Nazi ‘partisan’, misinforms about harassment of Jewish survivors who joined the anti-Nazi resistance

♦ Gala event to honor the foreign minister of Lithuania

♦ NY consulate awards Zimroth the ‘Millennium Star’

♦ Consulate attempts political takeover of Yivo


♦ London embassy’s ‘Graywash’

♦ Response I

♦ Response II

♦ But former foreign minister, now EU ambassador to Afghanistan, tells WSJ that Nazi rule was a ‘respite from the communists’

♦ Wiesenthal Center’s responses I and II; the debate; German parliamentarians’ response


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