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Lithuanian Foreign Ministry’s ‘Dual Track Jewish Politics’: At Home & Abroad

AT HOME. . .

♦ Foreign Minister’s remarks on Jewish conspiracies

An emergency Jewish Community board meeting with twenty-one members in attendance agrees unanimously on a letter of protest to the president of Lithuania; report

♦ Says moustache length is the one difference between Hitler & Stalin and calls eight parliamentarians ‘pathetic’ for signing the Seventy Years Declaration on the anniversary of the Wannsee ‘Final Solution’ conference

♦ Responses from Social Democratic MP Andiukaitis; Milan Chersonski; Roger Cohen in the New York Times; DefendingHistory.com; Adar Primor in Haaretz

♦ Leads Double Genocide moves

♦ Ministry hosts attack on Jewish anti-Nazi partisans

♦ When there’s no Jewish audience, the peoples of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania are Lithuanians, Poles, Belarusians. . .

♦ But the Ministry’s website professes endless love for Jews and Jewish culture

& ABROAD. . .

♦ Washington DC PR campaign

♦ Vassal ‘King of Litvaks’ anointed

♦ DC embassy’s ‘Sunflowers’

♦ Response

♦ Tel Aviv embassy’s ‘IsraeLita’

♦ Ambassador defends pro-Nazi ‘partisan’, misinforms about harassment of Jewish survivors who joined the anti-Nazi resistance

♦ Gala event to honor the foreign minister of Lithuania

♦ NY consulate awards Zimroth the ‘Millennium Star’

♦ Consulate attempts political takeover of Yivo


♦ London embassy’s ‘Graywash’

♦ Response I

♦ Response II

♦ But former foreign minister, now EU ambassador to Afghanistan, tells WSJ that Nazi rule was a ‘respite from the communists’

♦ Wiesenthal Center’s responses I and II; the debate; German parliamentarians’ response


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