Books in the Debate to Late 2017


In the Debate to Late 2017



Andriukaitis (reviewed by Vasil)

Bankier [Kuniuchowsky Collection] (reviewed by Zuroff)

Berlin (notice of appearance in Defending History)

Bubnys (reviewed by Katz; by Vasil)

Cassedy (reviewed by Katz;  by Nadler;  by Zabludoff;  by Zuroff)

Chodakiewicz (reviewed by Katz)

Ezergailis (reviewed by Binet)

Gabis (reviews to date)

Gerstenfeld (reviewed by Baumer-Schwartz)

Gochin (reviewed by Zabludoff)

Himka & Michlic (reviewed by Shafir)

Kauffmann (reviewed by Binet)

Kilot and Mitsios (reviewed by Gold)

Levinson (NEW WEBSITE)

Liekis (reviewed by Brandisauskas)

Malkes (on Wehrmacht’s righteous)

Melamed (a government still investing in countering his 1999 book; 2011 Interpol visit; 2014: saga continues with Grabauskas and Beržinis)

Mink & Neumayer (reviewed by Katz)

Morgan (reviewed by Zabludoff)

Oksanen (reviewed by Hietanen)

Snyder (the persisting debate)

Stone (cited in DH)

Sutton (renewed debate over her 2008 book)

Vanagaitė (selection of press coverage to autumn 2016more; review by Linas Vildžiūnas; renewed media conflagration initiated by 26 October 2017 rollout of a subsequent book and other matters related to Mūsiškiai)

Vince (reviewed by Jukes and by Vasil)

Zelitch (reviews to date)


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