Is Yad Vashem Legitimizing Vilnius “Genocide Center”?


 Under Pressure of Israeli Foreign Ministry?

Vilnius Genocide Center: “Legitimized” by 19 Nov. Yad Vashem Conference in Jerusalem?

Its chief historian Dr. A. Bubnys is a major speaker; See DH review of his book on the Vilna Ghetto and report on Jewish community’s response to his publication on the Shavl (Šiauliai) Ghetto. Are pliant “Jewish academics” being flown in and wheeled out to provide cover for the newest chapters in Holocaust revisionism? These include East European state glorification of collaborators and denial of the outbreak of mass violence by the LAF and other “nationalist heroes” against Jewish neighbors before the onset of German administration in the last week of June 1941.

Another major speaker is the esteemed German scholar Prof. Christoph Dieckmann of the state’s “red-brown commission”. See more on his recent crowdfunding campaign for a new book in partnership with Ruta Vanagaite. See Dr. Yitzhak Arad’s views on the commission.

Unfortunate timing: This comes just when the same state-sponsored Genocide Center in Vilnius has gone to court to defend and honor the legacy of notorious Holocaust collaborator Jonas Noreika after Grant Gochin and Andrius Kulikauskas provided massive evidence of his Holocaust complicity.  Defending History’s Evaldas Balčiūnas exposed Noreika to the English speaking world in 2012. His articles on Noreika and other “heroes” implicated in the Holocaust resulted in years of harassment and legal proceedings against him. Scroll down to 2014 in the Evaldas Balčiūnas section.

“This is about institutions, not personalities. Does Yad Vashem really want to legitimize the Genocide Centerand the Red-Brown Commission?” What about asking for written apologies to the three heroic Israeli citizens, Yitzhak Arad (b. 1926) and Rachel Margolis (1921–2015) and Joseph Melamed (1924–2017), defamed for posterity by these very institutions in pursuit of Double Genocide revisionism?”

See recent JTA report on Vilnius Genocide Center’s response to the court after Grant Gochin’s submission calling for removal of state honors for collaborator Jonas Noreika. In September the saga reached the New York Times (for background see earlier NYT article of March 2018).

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