When Symbol Adored by Neo-Nazis is Plonked on a “Gaon of Vilna Coin”: Selling at $1500 a Pop on Ebay


Would Folks Outside Lithuania Suspect that New “Gaon of Vilna” Coin Seeks to Kosherize an Ultranationalist Symbol Beloved of Antisemitic Far Right?

Holocaust Survivors and their families in Lithuania are shocked. Rabbis and others protest.

See DH’S section on the new “far-right icon held up by the hollowed-out menorah”

A Crazy Old World?

Young Lithuanian human rights activist protests against proliferation of far-right and neo-Nazi symbols in vogue:

So do feminist human rights advocates who courageously took on the neo-Nazis:

Meantime, a state agency (with a few elite J-quislings in tow) sneaks the symbol  beloved of far right onto a “deflated menorah flowerpot” for new “combo Litvak coin” for 300th birthday of the Gaon of Vilna. Come and ask some everyday Lithuanian Jewish citizens how they feel about that. Coin features Lithuanian and Israeli Hebrew. Yiddish (originally advertised) is eliminated.

Speculators profiteer bigtime off the “once in a century con-coin” as official Jewish community asks if profiteering lay at the project’s heart.

The con-coin is selling for up to $1500 on ebay.

In surreal twilight zone of Lithuanian-Jewish-pseudolitvak bag of tricks & treats, the 2020 “Year of the Gaon”  marked by the coin is soon to be followed by 2021 “Year of Yet Another Alleged Holocaust Perpetrator”  (in spirit of 2018)

Is Lithuanian Jewish integrity and the Holocaust a kind of game for Israel’s B. Netanyahu? He rapidly sold down the river the history of the Holocaust, the old Vilna Jewish cemetery (where his own relatives lie buried), and now, naturally jumps in ecstasy at the sham new coin. Previous Israeli ambassador in Vilnius even helped legitimize glorification of a Holocaust collaborator in “lowpoint of modern Israeli diplomacy”

Meanwhile, gov. is rushing full speed ahead with convention center and annex in heart of the old Vilna Jewish cemetery where many of the Gaon’s relatives still lie buried. International petition reaches 52,000

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