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Dovid Katz on Ukraine

(including articles referring to Ukraine related issues)


4 April 2015.  Defending History: ‘US sinks into further involvement with pro-Nazi elements in Ukraine’.

30 March 2015.  Ukraine President Poroshenko’s jocular tweet with photos of him in his new ‘Cynical Bandera’ outfit.

22 January 2015.  Jewish Chronicle: ‘”Double Genocide” has become the deadliest form of denial’  [original version appeared in DH on 22 January 2015.



8 December 2014.  Defending History: ‘A lowpoint in American (and Canadian) diplomacy?’

28 November 2014.  The Times of Israel: ‘Ukraine bonanza for upgraded Holocaust denial’.

23 November 2014.  Defending History: ‘Text of US Rep. John Conyers’ proposed amendment restricting aid to pro-Nazi forces in Ukraine’.

26 October 2014.  Defending History: ‘Would they try to instrumentalize Simon Wiesenthal, too? An open letter to Inna Rogatchi’.

16 October 2014.  Defending History: ‘Ukraine’s “centrist” leaders honor Holocaust-era Nazi collaborators as “heroes”’.

Fall 2014.  Jewish Review of Books: ‘Poland is not Ukraine: A response to Konstanty Gebert’s “The Ukrainian question”’.

9 September 2014.  Juedische Rundschau: ’75 Jahre nach dem 1. September 1939: Antisemitismus in Osteuropa’.

16 August 2014.  ConsortiumNews.com: ‘The hushed-up Hitler factor in Ukraine’.  Republished in The Global Realm; in David Stockman’s Contra Corner; and in Rogerannis.com.

26 July 2014.  Jewish Currents: ‘The Neocons and Holocaust revisionism in Eastern Europe’. Part II.

10 June 2014.  The Times of Israel: ‘Getting it wrong on Ukraine’.

May 2014.  East European Jewish Affairs: ‘Review of Georges Mink and Laure Neumayer, History, Memory and Politics in Central and Eastern Europe: Memory Games’ [proof only].

19 May 2014.  Defending History: ‘Ukraine: Slowly but surely, Western media raising the taboo question.

6 May 2014.  Defending History: ‘Reply to a Roger Cohen opinion piece on Ukraine and Lithuania’.

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Is the Holocaust Going to Drown in a Sea of “European Tolerance?”



by Pinchos Fridberg

NOTE: The following is an English version of Prof. Fridberg’s Russian op-ed, posted earlier today. In the event of any query or issues, the Russian text alone is authoritative.


Is the Holocaust drowning in a sea of “European tolerance”?  I love humor. Especially black humor.

Yesterday afternoon the largest Russian-language newspaper in Lithuania, Obzor, reprinted the article, “Museum in Tartu, Estonia Invites Visitors to Come Laugh at the Holocaust” [The affair has been covered in English by the Jerusalem Post, Times of Israel, and the Simon Wiesenthal Center, among others].

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