Is the Holocaust Going to Drown in a Sea of “European Tolerance?”



by Pinchos Fridberg

NOTE: The following is an English version of Prof. Fridberg’s Russian op-ed, posted earlier today. In the event of any query or issues, the Russian text alone is authoritative.


Is the Holocaust drowning in a sea of “European tolerance”?  I love humor. Especially black humor.

Yesterday afternoon the largest Russian-language newspaper in Lithuania, Obzor, reprinted the article, “Museum in Tartu, Estonia Invites Visitors to Come Laugh at the Holocaust” [The affair has been covered in English by the Jerusalem Post, Times of Israel, and the Simon Wiesenthal Center, among others].

Under my user name “Holocaust survivor” (which I am), I posted the following comment.

The exhibit featured at the Estonian museum has the famed Hollywood mountain but with the word Holocaust peering out instead of Hollywood.

Very funny. The grand humor here stems from the first three letters being the same in the words Hollywood and Holocaust.

By the same token, it would be interesting to find out whether this museum contains a monument to “Bandera” with its caption replaced by another word that happens to start with the same three (actually four…) letters.

If so, they’d have: Bandera-Bandit by Pinchos Fridberg:

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