Malát (Molėtai) Museum, in Northeast Lithuania, Invites ‘All the World’ to 29th August Memorial Events

All Welcome!

Sunday 29 August 2021

Eighty years ago to the day, 29 Aug. 1941, all the town’s Jewish residents were massacred in the Holocaust, mostly by local white-armbander (“LAF”) fascists in partnership with occupying Nazi forces

Defending History has a Malát section, which has followed the events — and their meaning — over the last five years

Tzvi Kritzer’s 2018 documentary film, “The Last Sunday in August” now on youtube

Just released: Lithuanian playwright Marius Ivaskevicius, major figure in 2016 impact of the Malát events, interviews DH editor in 2017

Two Defending History authors on the 2016 events: Julius Norwilla; Dovid Katz (with added links)

DH’s media tracker for the original 2016 events

Recent article on current projects by the Malát museum’s director, Viktorija Kazlienė

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