Seventy Years Declaration (SYD) Website is Launched

The new SYD-dedicated website was launched today.

The website marks a new phase in the international effort to halt the progress of the East European far right’s “Double Genocide” campaign across Europe and beyond. For more background on the Seventy Years Declaration (SYD) see the dedicated page, European languages page, and section in Defending History.


SYD in European languages.

Early history and coverage (Jan-Feb 2012), including the eight bold Lithuanian parliamentarians (all social democrats) who signed the SYD.

Presentation at European Parliament (March 2012).

The documentary film Rewriting History launched in Australia (Sept 2012) and in the United States (April 2013).

The film Defending Holocaust History (Spring 2013).

Defending History section on the Seventy Years Declaration.

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