Reviews and Coverage of the Documentary Film “Rewriting History”



The film features exclusive commentary by historians Efraim Zuroff and Konrad Kwiet; Survivors Fania Yocheles Brantsovsky and Dobke Yonis; Vilnius activists: former Green House Holocaust museum director Rachel Kostanian and former Vilnius University Yiddish professor Dovid Katz; European parliamentarians Denis MacShaneJohn MannMartin SchulzGert Weisskirchen; Sensational responses from Lithuanian government officials including red-brown commission boss Ronaldas Račinskas and the prosecutor, Rimvydas Valentukevičiuswho “investigates” Holocaust survivors (none of whom were ever charged with anything or received a public apology)MEP Vytautas Landsbergis later withheld permission for inclusion of his own taped interview…


22 April 2013.  The Jerusalem Report: ‘Lithuania’s deceit’ by Bernard Dichek.

10 April 2013.  CBS 6 / ‘Virginia this morning: Jay Ipson’.

14 September 2012.  The Australian: ‘Lithuania’s lies and deception exposed. Pick of the day’ [review of Rewriting History] by Graeme Blundell [also here].

14 September 2012.  The Surf Coast News: ‘Rewriting History documentary screens tonight on SBS’ by Nicholas Soames.

14 September 2012.  J-Wire: ‘Rewriting History’ by J-Wire staff.

14 September 2012.  Time Out: ‘As it happened: Rewriting History — when truth is the enemy’ [review of Rewriting History] by Hobart Mercury.

10 September 2012.  Deakin Worldly: ‘Deakin academic’s global campaign to stand up for a European academic and prevent Holocaust history being rewritten to feature in SBS documentary’.

10 September 2012.  The Sidney Morning Herald: ‘Free to air’ by Tim Elliott [also here].

8 September 2012.  The Australian: ‘Rewriting history. When truth is the enemy’ by Ian Cuthbertson.

7 September 2012.  SBS Radio: ‘Interview with Danny Ben-Moshe on Holocaust Denial in Lithuania’ by Alex Dafner.

16 August 2012. ‘Executive director of “Red-Brown Commission” doubts Lithuanian Jews were killed “on a racial basis” before arrival of German forces in 1941″ [excerpt from the documentary film Rewriting History].

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