Red-Brown “Platform” Runs Another Double Genocide Conference — in Warsaw…

Another EU Supported Lopsided “Double Genocide” Conference, This Time — in Warsaw (14-15 May 2013), Courtesy of the Red-Brown “Platform”


Not one presentation on EU states’ glorification of local Holocaust perpetrators (including street names and reburials of Nazi collaborators; commemorations in EstoniaHungaryLatviaLithuania); criminalization of debateHolocaust ObfuscationDouble Genocide; distortionist “genocide museums” and “genocide centers”; state accusations against survivorsfailure to seriously prosecute Nazi war criminals and the need for study of underlying narrative-revising motives; red-brown commission’s campaign against a courageous Holocaust survivor in 2013; the Seventy Years Declaration, etc.

Survivor circles express quiet regret that DC’s Holocaust Museum (USHMM) unwittingly supports revisionist agenda by legitimizing, via simple participation, another Double Genocide event in Europe. At earlier events, USHMM was one of an array of “useful Western legitimizers” but this time around it is the only one.

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