Dr. Kulikauskas Issues Call to Lithuanian Society to Join Together in Dealing with Legacy of Holocaust Collaborator J. Noreika


VILNIUSDr. Andrius Kulikauskas today released an appeal, in the Lithuanian language, that calls on fellow Lithuanian citizens to come together in opposing the ongoing national glorification of Holocaust collaborator J. Noreika in a spirit of historic integrity that would also lead to the inevitable conclusion that the controversial historical personage was in effect a Holocaust criminal. For some background on recent developments in the Noreika saga, set to culminate in a historic trial here in the Lithuanian capital on 15 January, see recent articles in DH’s Collaborators Glorified section.

The trial scheduled for 15 Jan. 2019. Sample Noreika document.

The Noreika case was first brought to the attention of the English speaking world by DH’s correspondent Evaldas Balčiūnas in 2012, as part of his series on “national heroes” who were Holocaust collaborators. As a result of those articles, Mr. Balčiūnas was subjected to years of prosecutorial harassment (scroll down to 2014 in his DH section). More recently, the 2018 bold article by Noreika’s granddaughter, American author and educator Silvia Foti in Salon resulted in New York Times coverage last September, that itself followed up on the paper’s March 2018 article on Holocaust related issues in Lithuania.

Dr. Kulikauskas, who envisions today’s appeal to his countrymen as the first in a series of newsletters, issued an accompanying statement:

Atsakas!  (The Reply!) is the Newsletter (in Lithuanian) for the Community of Volunteers for a Responsible Lithuania. The December 18, 2018 edition No. 1 explains how volunteers can help Lithuania’s government recognize Jonas Noreika as a criminal against humanity and disqualify him from public honors. We are inviting the public to the historic January 15, 2019 trial. We are organizing public dialogues. We are writing Wikipedia articles. We need organizers, hosts, journalists, historians, translators, artists and friendly people. Please reply to The Reply! Contact editor Andrius Kulikauskas, ms@ms.lt. 

A copy of the PDF is available on the site of the online Captain Jonas Noreika Museuem that Dr. Kulikauskas curates, and, for speed of reference, follows below. Please use handles in the upper left hand corner to turn pages.

Kulikauskas PDF Dec 2018
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