“Weekly of Vilnius” Provides Exclusive English Language Coverage of the Vanagaitė Saga


VILNIUSThe Weekly of Vilnius, sometimes considered to be this city’s most prestigious English-language news publication, today released its weekly issue which contains a highly documented summary of many of the sides in the debate over author and PR specialist Ruta Vanagaitė’s comments concerning state plans to name 2018 for someone who led a pro-Nazi militia during the early days of the Lithuanian Holocaust in 1941, but who is being honored for his postwar service in the anti-Soviet resistance. Defending History has published its own take along with a much more limited summary of the debate which readers may consult for comparison and helping “complete the picture” as best as it can be in English. Note that selections of Lithuanian articles on the subject from the major news portal Delfi.lt, and from BNS (Baltic News Service), in both cases generally representing government and “nationalist establishment” positions, are available in English translation on the English Delfi.lt (Lithuania Tribune) site (search “Vanagaitė” for rapid reference).

With the permission of the publishers of The Weekly of Vilnius, we are reproducing the pages relating to the Vanagaitė saga from this week’s issue. In the spirit of classic journalism, The Weekly of Vilnius has no online edition (only an online description page) and is available weekly by emailed PDF or hard copy to its elite circle of subscribers, known to include embassies, government agencies, captains of industry, politicians, academics and relevant libraries, and think tanks. It is edited by the distinguished economist and journalist Mr. Nehro Khalil. The Weekly of Vilnius now has a Facebook page.

A PDF facsimile of today’s Weekly of Vilnius report follows. Please use the arrows in the upper left hand corner to turn pages in either direction.

THE WEEKLY OF VILNIUS - ISSUE No. 265 - Week in Review - November 6, 2017
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