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Films, Videos, Radio, Plays (completed or in progress to summer 2013)

See also: Defending History’s Film and Theatre section; recent films with Dr. Efraim Zuroff; films on rescuers.

• Rewriting History by Marc Radomsky and Danny Ben-Moshe: Reviews; 2013 USA screening tour; Facebook page; SYD site. Background of Prague Declaration, the resistance to which led to the film.

Prosecutors help neo-Nazis target women’s rights advocates (instead of standing with the victims); see also Lina Žigelytė’s essay.

• When Double Genocide means Single Genocide (Orwell?).

• BBC World Service’s Heart and Soul by Wendy Robbins (Dec. 2010).

•  Juergen Hobrecht’s new documentary on the Riga Ghetto.

BBC News The Battle for Memory by Tim Whewell (July 2008).

• Defending Holocaust History (release date: 23 September 2013).

• Saulius Beržinis and Ona Biveinienė on the Holocaust in Jurbarkas (Yurberik).

• Alicija Žukauskaitė’s An Elegy for Honey and Tar (on the Holocaust in Lithuania).

• Daiva Čepauskaitė’s Kaunas play, Day and Night.

• Liza ruft! 

• Assorted clips.

Major New Film About Rescuers:

• The Pit of Life and Torment, by Lilija Kopač, Danutė Selčinskaja, Algis Liutkevičius and Anatolijus Tetiušinas, based on the life story of Moyshe Kukliansky and his family.

Films focused on Dr. Efraim Zuroff, director of the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s Israel office, and including the nexus of failure of certain governments to take seriously the prosecution of Nazi war criminals and the quest to distort history:

• CNN documentary featuring Efraim Zuroff in Lithuania: completed but never aired. . . Can it be rescued by a non-profit organization?

The Last Nazi Hunter, by Nitza Gonen, aired on Israeli television in 2012 [in Hebrew].

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