Professor Pinchos Fridberg Turns 80 in Vilnius

Happy 80th Birthday to Professor Pinchos Fridberg

Vilna-born Holocaust survivor, prominent physicist, author, Yiddish literature scholar, satirist, longtime director of a foundation for helping the Christian Righteous of Lithuania, Jewish community icon, and

Defender of History: DH’s 2014 Person of the Year

The man who stood up fearlessly to the “Red-Brown Commission” (and was defamed on its website), top media in Lithuania, and when he believed it became sadly necessary, to the leaders of New York’s YIVO Institute (once they started to serve as enablers for the far right’s projects to revise Holocaust history via abuse of Yiddish culture as decoy). His plea for Vilnius’s new convention center project to be moved away from the Old Vilna Jewish cemetery helped launch what is now a major international campaign. More recently, he has exposed the failure of the current ersatz leaders of the “official state-sponsored Jewish community” to rectify the damage they caused (and continue to cause) by adopting antisemitic tropes to misidentify today’s living Jewish citizens of Lithuania as some kind of “Russians”…


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