Latvian Court Downgrades Holocaust While High Society Readies for New “Springtime for Cukurs” Musical

Latvian Constitutional Court Upholds “Double Genocide” Restriction on Free Speech

Opinion that there was one genocide in the country (the Holocaust) remains criminalized by 2014 law, in the spirit of the laws passed in Hungary and Lithuania in 2010

Comment on Eastern EU speech laws by: Milan ChersonskiLeonidas DonskisDovid KatzEfraim Zuroff; See also: FREE SPEECH Section


At the Same Time: New Latvian Musical (“Sugar, Herbert, Sugar”) Glorifying Holocaust Mass Murderer Herberts Cukurs Rehearsing for October 11th Premiere.

Show will tour around the country. Tickets now available onlineAbout the show.

Signature Tune for the Show is  Released on YouTube

A Latvian version of “Springtime for Hitler” but with the star of the show a major local Holocaust mass murderer of Latvia’s Jewish citizens?

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