Clemens Heni’s Facebook Reactions to the Red-Brown Commission’s Renewal

The following Facebook entry is reproduced here with permission of the author, Dr. Clemens Heni.

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31 August 2012

1) Dina Porat wrote a piece on the Lithuanian Holocaust years ago,

2) Her joining the Lithuanian commission makes the institutional / government betrayal coming from Jerusalem even worse: a top honest Holocaust scholar joins with distorters, obfuscationists in a commission that has a track record of throwing its honest Israeli members to the wolves (Arad!), and of using serious foreign scholars with an array of intrigue, complexity, and layered nuance that no foreigner could combat in the multimillion euro den of Holocaust Obfuscation’s European capital.

3) Many of the new naive recruits don’t realize that there were always two subsections (this was not a concession), and that the same commission, using the hallowed name of Yad Vashem, is also responsible for the political campaign the government is waging in the European Parliament for equalizing Nazism and Communism. The commission was the public engine of the Prague Declaration! Examples on the pages: and

4) Her newly announced local colleague in the Holocaust Sub-Section is: Prof. K. Girnius who is an educator and public intellectual who has gone to great lengths to find a “compromise profile” for the murderers of 1941 as both legitimate rebels against the Soviets, with convoluted reasoning and polemic acrobatics, and with some small admission of a dark side of the glorious rebels. Especially important is his attempt to make yet another conference in 2011 honoring the LAF and Donskis’s reply which killed it.

5) As for Suziedelis, he too is a very professional historian who has in this commission however been instrumentalized to be a cunning political tactician who entraps naive foreign scholars. Last year some people caught him saying things in a very different spirit to a Lithuanian audience and translated the whole radio transmission. He was part of the May 2012 “camouflage conference” on the Lithuanian Holocaust, with Timothy Snyder, that didn’t mention the reburial of the 1941 Nazi puppet prime minister with full honors the same week. Snyder was even invited to speak at Yad Vashem and Yad Vashem Studies gave a German historian the opportunity to review his book “Bloodlands” very positively. In fact this book is a bible for neo-Nazis in Eastern Europe and for all kinds of fans of Holocaust distortion, following German revisionist Ernst Nolte, who argues almost similarly to Snyder decades ago, as I show in my own research.

So, the only result of Porat’s joining is prestige and legitimacy for a tarnished commission that is the engine of the red equals brown movement in all the European Union, leaving it as an irrelevance whatever she ends up saying or not saying in closed sessions later on during years of procrastination and diversion of which she’ll be at the center, sadly.

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