Uncanny Darkness: Impressions of a Public Debate in Vilnius


by Algirdas Davidavičius

Algirdas Davidavičius, author of the text formerly published here [an essay and memoir on the December 8th 2010 Holocaust discussion held at the Misterija cafe on Totoriu Street in Vilnius, previously announced on Facebook and elsewhere as a public event] hereby apologizes to Mr Arūnas Brazauskas for inaccurately representing his  opinion, and, under legal threat, has [on 16 December 2010] removed the text from DefendingHistory.com.

The author of the removed text also hopes to take and publish in the foreseeable future an interview with Mr Brazauskas on a number of questions mentioned in the formerly published text, and urges Mr Brazauskas to express his opinions more clearly and unequivocally.

  • Algirdas Davidavičius
  • Vilnius
  • 16 December 2010


DefendingHistory.com wishes to express its complete and enthusiastic support for Algirdas Davidavičius and his bold work on behalf of human rights and the freedom to discuss history in Lithuania and the European Union. This journal hopes to continue to publish his fine work.

We also wish to register sincere concern at the growing atmosphere of intolerance toward freedom of expression on various issues, including the Holocaust. Various East European governments, and media and academic establishments, are abusing resources to rewrite history, and impose a bogus history, in the lamentable far-right spirit of Double Genocide and Holocaust Obfuscation.

  • Dovid Katz
  • Vilnius
  • 17 December 2010
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