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Silvia Foti: The Nazi’s Granddaughter: How I Discovered My Grandfather was a War Criminal

See the author’s major op-eds in the New York Times (27 Jan. 2021 [as PDF]), Wall Street Journal (26 Aug. 2021 [as PDF] & Lou Gerber’s 7 Sept.WSJ letter [as PDF]; EU Today (2 Sept. 2021 [as PDF]); author’s BBC Hard Talk interview with Stephen Sackur (15 April 2021); 17 Sept. 2021 report in Spiegel

Background on author’s website. Spanish edition

When you visit Vilnius, be sure to ask the powers that be to remove city-center shrines to brutal Holocaust collaborators that mar this beautiful European capital

most prominently: a marble slab gazing upon the main boulevard (Gedimino) and a bas-relief with plaque on the front of the National Library of the Sciences:

See also a selection of street names and public-space shrines across Lithuania and DH’s Collaborators Glorified section. Also: Noreika section.

NOTE: The Defending History community expresses its gratitude to the author for duly crediting Evaldas Balčiūnas [bal-TSHOO-nas] of Šiauliai (northwestern Lithuania), who embarked in 2011 on publishing a series of essays in English in Defending History (with his careful review of each DH commissioned translation; he was mostly publishing also the Lithuanian originals on liberal blogs and websites. The first in the series was “Why  does the State Commemorate Murderers?” and the third, in 2012, was “The Posthumous Remaking of a Holocaust Perpetrator in Lithuania: Why is Jonas Noreika a National Hero?” (original Lithuanian publication). As he was following up with articles on other “national heroes” (see his DH section), Mr. Balčiūnas was fired from his job, humiliated by aggressive police visits, and from 2014 onward, subject to a series of (what the DH community regards as) kangaroo prosecutions that kept him tied up for several years with a prosecution over nothing hundreds of miles away, in the capital Vilnius (follow the saga here). The Defending History team is proud to have mounted a presence, to provide moral support, at each of these hearings in Vilnius, and to have kept Western media informed. He was found Not Guilty in 2016. See his memoir “My Seven Long Years with Jonas Noreika.”


Christoph Dieckmann & Ruta Vanagaite: How Did It Happen? (Our People. Part II. Understanding the Holocaust in Lithuania)Available for online order.

Book launch for Lithuanian edition in Vilnius on 25 June 2020 (LJC video). DH opinion piece on background. Reviews by Silvia Foti (Times of Israel), Aušra Maldeikienė (; Linas Vildžiūnas (;

ENGLISH EDITION: preorders for hard cover and kindle releases


Alexander Gendler: Khurbm: 1914-1922

Alex J. Kay & David Stahel (eds),  Mass Violence in Nazi Occupied Europe

Mark Montesclaros’s review in  H-Net. Katrin Praehler’s in European History Quarterly.

Dovid Katz’s paper in the volume (on Baltic issues).

Leyb Koniuchowsky & Jonathan Boyarin: The Lithuanian Slaughter of its Jews: Testimonies of 121 Survivors of the Holocaust in Lithuania. Also posted free online (temporarily?). Volume 2

On history and role of Koniuchowsky’s collection, see now Efraim Zuroff’s 25 Jan. 2021 op-ed in Times of Israel).

Dan Rabinowitz: The Lost Library

Allan Nadler’s review in JRB

Myra Sklarew: A Survivor Named Trauma

Ruta Vanagaite & Efraim Zuroff: Our People: Discovering Lithuania’s Hidden Holocaust

Michael Berenbaum’s review in JJ. Linas Vildžiūnas’s review in 7md. Neville Teller’s in JP. See in Defending History: Ruta Vanagaite section. Efraim Zuroff section,

See BOOKS section

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