The Last Litvak Holocaust Survivors: A Time for Loyalty, and Love…

Yitzhak Arad on Holocaust Obfuscation in Lithuaniabackground; coverage

Fania Yocheles Brantsovsky talks to the Jerusalem Postbackground

Uri Chanoch on outbreak of the Holocaust in Palanga

Milan Chersonski stands up valiantly to a powerful establishment

Abraham H. Foxman on a range of issues

Pinchos Fridberg critiques the red-brown commission

Sara Ginaite on the campaign against Jewish partisan veterans

Joseph Griliches comments on events

Jay Ipson brings Rewriting History to Richmond, Virginia

Tuvia Jafet and Shimon Alperovich on the campaign against Jewish resistance heroes

Rachel Kostanian; the Green House; reopening

Moyshe Kukliansky on the outbreak of the Holocaust in the Butrimánts (Butrimonys) area

Abe Lawre on an antisemitic artist’s Holocaust-distorting works; background

Dov Levin on efforts to cover Holocaust revisionism with conferences and “Jewish” events

Joseph Levinson politely asks a graveyard-preservation NGO to remember spadework of survivors in the 1990s

Rachel Margolis speaks for the recordbackgroundAn Israeli ambassador speaks up

Joseph Melamed makes a plea to Yad Vashemwhen Interpol came; Melamed section

Meyshke Preys (Misha Preisas) on outbreak of the Holocaust in Kovno (Kaunas)

Basheva Ran and family

Mère-Léye Sher on outbreak of the Holocaust in Plungyán (Plungė)

Reuben Seligman on the outbreak of the Holocaust in Shilél (Šilalė)

N.N. Shneidman gets his Vilna Ghetto medal back

Meilach Stalevich on the idea of “Double Genocide” (at timecode 12:15 in Wendy Robbins’ BBC World Service radio documentary Heart and Soul, Dec. 2010)


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