Efraim Zuroff on Tablet Magazine’s Co-Sponsorship of Lithuanian Government’s Yivo Event, and a Suggestion for Yivo’s Audience

Dr. Efraim Zuroff, Holocaust historian, Nazi-hunter, and director of the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s Israel office, has posted the following comment on the website of Tablet magazine, as one of the comments to a new book review. The comment also appears separately on Facebook.

Tablet proves its worth by publishing important articles on Holocaust memory and denial in Europe like this one, but why is it co-sponsoring the whitewash of Lithuanian complicity in the mass murder of Lithuanian Jewry, thousands of foreign Jews deported to Lithuania to be killed there, as well as thousands of additional Jews in Belarus and Poland?

The event in question is scheduled to take place in YIVO this coming Thursday night, February 13 under the innocuous title of “Unresolved History: Jews and Lithuanians After the Holocaust,” and is being sponsored by, among others, the Lithuanian Consulate-General in New York, and the Lithuanian Ministry of Culture, both agencies of the Lithuanian government, which has systematically promoted the canard of “double genocide,” as if their country was the victim of two equal and equivalent genocides, and has invested considerable sums in attempting to hide or minimize the extremely significant role of Lithuanians in the mass murder of Jews in Lithuania and outside her borders during the Holocaust. The lineup of speakers is a guarantee that the full and horrific scope and nature of Lithuanian complicity in Shoa crimes will not be presented to the public, which will no doubt hear a lot about Lithuanian efforts to commemorate the Holocaust (but not an accurate version of the identity of all the perpetrators) and the enormous number of Lithuanian Righteous, most of whom do not fit the criteria established by Yad Vashem for that lofty title. Additional information on Lithuanian Holocaust distortion is available at the following websites: Defending History and Operation Last Chance.

My suggestion to those interested and/or sensitive to this subject attend the event and ask the right questions or boycott and inform YIVO why.

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