Award-Winning Film on the Story of Defending History in Vilnius Now Available Free Online


Prof. Danny Ben-Moshe

MELBOURNE—The documentary film, Rewriting History, produced by Danny Ben-Moshe and Marc Radomsky in 2012, was widely acknowledged by its many reviewers to contribute an important body of knowledge and debate on the ways the history of the Holocaust is being rewritten in Eastern Europe, with ample presentations from champions of both sides of each argument. Although the debate has unquestionably moved on over the last seven years — and Defending History has been one of the key addresses in that debate — the fundamental questions have remained burning issues at the onset of 2019 too. In addition to co-producing the film, Professor Ben-Moshe has also penned some of the most powerful op-eds on these subjects over the years (see his DH section; the film’s 2013 American tour).

As a gesture on the eve of the major Holocaust history trial scheduled to open in Vilnius on 15 January 2019, the film’s producer, Identity Films, based here in Melbourne, has decided to make the film available online gratis for the first time, for a period extending to the end of January. It is available at:

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