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Films and Videos on topics:

.•  Recent webinars.

.• Defending Holocaust History by Richard Bloom (2013, updated versin 2018). Now on Youtube.

• Rewriting History by Marc Radomsky and Danny Ben-Moshe (2012). Reviews2013 USA screening tourFacebook pageSYD siteBackground of Prague Declaration. Available free online from Jan. 2019.

• When Double Genocide means Single Genocide by Gerit Ziegler, Frank Brendle, Arndt Beck (2012).

• CNN documentary featuring Efraim Zuroff in Lithuania: completed but (for unknown reasons) never aired. See also: The Last Nazi Hunter, by Nitza Gonen, aired on Israeli television in 2012 [in Hebrew].

• 2014 montage by Monica Lowenberg featuring interviews with Dr. Efraim Zuroff on all three Baltic ultranationalist / neo-Nazi marches.

• Monica Lowenberg’s Speak No Evil segment on Latvia.

• LOST: Zoon Politikon of European Union by Audrius Lelkaitis. Interview with Defending History editor (in three short segments) shortly after the one hour mark (1:00) on the time code.

• Liza ruft! by Christian Carlson et al. The film contains the sensational clip exposing “Holocaust education” that is constructed in the framework of East European Double Genocide revisionism, via an interview with Ronaldas Racinskas, executive director of the state-sponsored commission on Nazi and Soviet crimes.

• Assorted clips from Dovid Katz’s Youtube channel.


• BBC World Service’s Heart and Soul by Wendy Robbins.

• BBC News The Battle for Memory by Tim Whewell  [alternative link].

• Salford City Radio interviews Monica Lowenberg.

On Lithuanian Holocaust Rescuers:

• The Pit of Life and Torment, by Lilija Kopač, Danutė Selčinskaja, Algis Liutkevičius and Anatolijus Tetiušinas, based on the life story of Moyshe Kukliansky and his family.

On the Lithuanian Holocaust:

• Gitel by Robert Mullan [feature film].

• An Elegy for Honey and Tar by Alicija Žukauskaitė [documentary].

• Saulius Beržinis and Ona Biveinienė on the Holocaust in Jurbarkas [documentary].

• Lithuanians. Jews. Neighbors by Jonas Morkus and Vaidotas Reivytis [documentary].

On the Latvian Holocaust:

Rumbula’s Echo by Luminescence Media [documentary / series].

• Speak No Evil segment on Latvia by Monica Lowenberg [memoir].

The Litvak Connection by Richard Bloom [documentary].

On Women’s Rights and East European Neo-Nazis:

• Feminism and Anti-Fascism in Lithuania; see also Lina Žigelytė’s essay.

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