US State Department Supporting Cassedy Book Tour Without Inclusion of Opposing Points of View

As readers of Defending History are aware, many American citizens and others who care deeply about the memory of the Holocaust being accurately transmitted have been devastated by the shift in US State Department policy toward appeasement of far-right Baltic revisionism, apparently in the context of various geopolitical issues. The topic is the focus of a section of DH.


The newest example involves State Department involvement via the US Embassy in Vilnius, Lithuania in the upcoming book tour on behalf of Ellen Cassedy’s We Are Here, in the absence of discussions that would include opponents of the Double Genocide rhetoric and distortion of Holocaust history inherent in the book, in the view of multiple reviews of the book. Details of the UK and Lithuanian portions of the book tour, with emails of State Department employees provided as contacts for the book’s promotion are available here.

The most shocking examples include the US Embassy’s financing of the “camouflage symposium” that diverted attention in May 2012 from the repatriation, reburial with full honors and glorification of the 1941 Nazi puppet prime minister of Lithuania, as well as an embassy’s spokesman’s support last September for renewal of the engine of Double Genocide in Europe, the “red-brown commission.”

American citizens are urged to write to elected representatives urging that the politics of Holocaust Denial (to placate East European allies) be abandoned in 2013.

Advocates of Holocaust survivors and history point out that bold groups of US Congressmen have repeatedly defied the State Department in coming out openly in protest against antisemitic and Holocaust-obfuscating policies of the Lithuanian government. Publicly released letters include those dated 1 Aug 2008,  3 Dec 2009, and 25 Sept 2012.

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