Ukrainian Holocaust Revisionists Woo Canada, Exposed by Historian from Lund, Sweden . . .


1: Ultranationalists sponsor a North American lecture tour for a Lviv-based museum director (his museum features a profoundly photoshopped image). Harvard University (18 Oct) and a meeting with Canada’s prime minister (19 Oct) are included; the PM unwittingly lends credence to the Holocaust revisionist campaign emanating from Eastern Europe.

2: Lund University (Sweden) historian Dr. Per Anders Rudling protests.

Dr. Per Anders Rudling (Lund University, Sweden)

3: Canadian missile lands in Sweden: nationalist organizations complain to the vice-chancellor at Lund University in Sweden about Dr. Rudling.

4: Exclusive: Per Anders Rudling in DefendingHistory.

5: Scholars issue open letter.

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