“Swastika Wood Art” Up & Down Gedimino Boulevard at Central Vilnius Arts Fair

The following is the content of a front page item that appeared on 11 September 2013:

The arts and crafts festival held on Vilnius’s central Gedimino Boulevard featured a number of disturbing swastika themes in woodwork. Here is one example:

But will it all be cleaned up before the well-to-do South African designees for government’s “Disneyland” project turn up later this month?

See AradBen-Moshe;  ChersonskiDichekFridbergGochinKostanianLowenbergMelamedZabludoffZuroff

Public swastikas were legalized in Lithuania by a 2010 court ruling & remarked upon by the United Nations Human Rights Committee; but Yivo & Bloomington profs join gov’s PR effort; see Seventy Years Declaration (under: “Reject!”)

SURVIVOR ASKS: “What about a meaningful gesture, like taking down the street names and university lecture hall names honoring Holocaust collaborators?”

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