Reports from Lithuanian Media Claim that Neo-Nazi “Zeppelinus” is Unmasked as — A Government Official! today published an article by Martynas Čerkauskas, “Lithuanian Economics Ministry Accused of Nationalism” which follows this week’s exposés in,, and Kauno Žinios, which all imply or claim that the neo-Nazi internet “hero” who calls himself “Zeppelinus” is actually director of the Economic Ministry’s Expansion of Human Resources Department and a member of the Tripartite Council (labor, business and government), where he is the chief representative of the government’s interests.

UPDATE OF 15 JUNE 2013: See our Open Letter to the new economy minister with appendix of “Zeppelinus” images including English translations of text.

A sampling of images attributed to “Zeppelinus” is provided here.

Defending History would be pleased to publish prominently a denial from the named government official that he is “Zeppelinus” and this invitation extends to inviting him, if he wishes, to condemn in writing the racist, antisemitic and homophobic web publications that are disseminated under that name. Moreover, we invite the named Ministry and Council to condemn the hatred of Lithuania’s minorities spewed by Mr. Zeppelinus.

The term “nationalism” in the article is a typical Baltic euphemism for acute and vicious racism, antisemitism and homophobia. Zeppelinus’s blogs are replete with hatred of Blacks, Poles, Roma, Russians, Jews, Gays, and with unbridled adoration of fascism and current events that honor local collaborators of the Holocaust (which in Lithuania annihilated around 95% of the country’s Jewish population, the highest percentage in Europe).

Incidentally, this journal’s editor has been a frequent pictorial (and photoshop) object of Mr. Zeppelinus’s fantasies.

The following is a full translation of today’s article  in

Lithuanian Economics Ministry Employee Accused of Nationalism

by Martynas Čerkauskas

2 May 2013

Lithuanian economics minister Birutė Vėsaitė, who began her tenure by meeting with internet commentators, might be hosting at least one of them in the ministry. There is suspicion that an internet commentator accused of nationalism who goes by the name Zeppelinus might actually be one of the heads of department at the ministry.

That the blogger considered to hold nationalist views works at the Economics Ministry was reported Thursday at the leftist website They claim the person who goes by the name Zeppelinus and posts nationalistic comments on the internet is actually Linas Kadys, director of the Economic Ministry’s Expansion of Human Resources Department and a member of a tripartite labor, business and government council, representing the Lithuanian government’s interests.

Website representatives claim they recognized Kadys by face and by the photographs the blogger Zeppelinus has posted of nationalist events.

“A person who decries liberalism and claims liberals are society’s sorrow, engaged exclusively in destroying the Lithuanian people through their ‘free markets.’ A person who claims the European Union is an absolute evil and a nest of sexual deviants destroying the Lithuanian state.

“An anonymous writer who calls blacks ‘representatives of the Negro race.’ Blogger Zeppelinus, given the slightest opportunity, will always criticize Jews and ethnic and sexual minorities. The main targets for hatred of this virtual individual are Jews, Poles and homosexuals.

“But who is he truly? This question has gone unanswered for several years now. There have been different guesses, but even blogger Zeppilinus’s proponents don’t know who he is,” the news website said about the character of the blogger Zeppelinus after joining in the search for him this week.

When the website contacted Economics Ministry employee L. Kadys, he, after a rather long conversation, denied being the blogger Zeppelinus, but did not seem surprised the journalist contacted him.

Kadys said he was less interested in the accusations leveled against him and more interested in why a journalist called him at work, on the ministry’s telephone.

The bureaucrat said he did not want to comment on anonymous information posted on the website and suggested asking him only about his activities as a civil servant.

The blogger Zeppelinus in a post on his blog also ridiculed the idea he was Kadys.

The economics minister invited bloggers to a meeting at the ministry at the beginning of the year as her public approval ratings slid. Internet commentators heaped ridicule on the minister’s statements and her apparent confusion over which ministry she led.

The blogger Zeppelinus was among those commentators invited to the ministry, but he did not attend the meeting.


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