New Paper by Per Anders Rudling on the Ukrainian Far Right

An important new paper by Dr. Per Anders Rudling of Lund University, Sweden, has appeared in the new volume, Analysing Fascist Discourse: European Fascism in Talk and Text. The collective volume brought out by Routledge (New York & London) is edited by Ruth Wodak and John E. Richardson.

Dr. Rudling’s paper, entitled “The Return of the Ukrainian Far Right: The Case of VO Svoboda” comprises the sections:

  • Memories of a Violent Twentieth Century
  • Imported Heroism — Rediscovered Heroes
  • Yushchenkoism
  • National Essentialization and Othering
  • Ultra-Nationalist Enjoyment
  • “Social-Naionalism” and VO Svoboda
  • Anti-Jewish, Anti-Polish Attitudes
  • International Contacts
  • Swoboda and the “Autonomous Nationalists”
  • The Demise of Nasha Ukraina and the Rise of Svoboda
  • Conclusion

and provides numerous images, some shocking, in addition to copious notes and bibliography sections.

The paper may be read at:



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