Spring 2017 Battle Over Public Honors in Vilnius for Holocaust Collaborators

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Škirpa and Noreika

17 Organizations in Lithuania Sign Petition in Favor of Central Vilnius Street Name Glorifying Holocaust Promoter K. Škirpa

Among the 17 who signed is Sąjūdis (Vilnius & Kaunas), whose honorary national chairman is Prof. V. Landsbergis, and whose national council includes MP Emanuelis Zingeris. Will Vilnius Mayor Remigijus Šimašius in his reply stand up for what’s right?

Background to the Vilnius street-naming debate.  More street names.  Dr. Andrius Kulikauskas documents Škirpa’s calls for the ethnic cleansing of Lithuania’s Jewish citizens during World War II

Lithuanian weekly Veidas (5 April 2017) carries front page Škirpa image (“Kazys Škirpa and the ‘Jewish Question'”), editor Arūnas Brazauskas’s editorial “Dr. Dovid Katz’s Does-Not-Equal Sign” (pp. 4-5), and Andrius Kulikauskas’s “Getting to Know Kazys Škirpa from his Own Writings” (pp. 30-37).


RELATED: Incredible and incredibly sad stance on the alleged Holocaust perpetrator J. Noreika: Chief Adviser to the president of Lithuania replies (6 Feb. 2017, to a query from Grant Gochin) on Holocaust collaborator Jonas Noreika “explaining” why it’s okay for him to be a national hero — this, in a country where 96.4% percent of the Jewish minority was murdered. Gochin’s 6 April 2017 article in the San Diego Jewish World; Jason Katz’s 11 April 2017 article in the Washington Times.

See Evaldas Balčiūnas’s introductory article on Noreika’s Holocaust role; his summary of the summer 2015 petition and debates; protest by the Lithuanian Union of Jewish Students; 2016 call by Jewish Community of Lithuania. Samples of public shrines for Noreika.

29 March London Jewish Chronicle article on glorification of both Skirpa and Noreika in Lithuania; Defending History page and section on regional worship of collaborators and perpetrators.

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