Kristallnacht Becomes PR Hook for Double Genociders at Berlin Events of the “Prague Process Platform”

The Platform of European Memory and Conscience is the name of one of the main European engines of Double Genocide and Holocaust Obfuscation. Apparently funded by the European Union in part (or more), its name is inspired by the full name of the 2008 “Prague Declaration” (on European Conscience and Communism), which is prominently advertised on its home page. Informally it is referred to as the “Prague Process Platform” (PPP)  and is based in the Czech Republic.


Kristallnacht, 74 years ago tonight, was the Night of Broken Glass, in which widespread coordinated violence against Jewish citizens of Germany, supported by the Nazi regime, resulted in at least 91 deaths, 30,000 arrests and transfers to concentration camps, and over a thousand synagogues burned down. The event was a major harbinger of the imminent genocide of European Jewry.

Today’s triumphant PPP report shamelessly uses Kristallnacht as the handy springboard for an array of complaints against Communist misrule and state crimes, which would be wholly legitimate and laudable, and would attract much more Western support, if they were not inextricably bound with the far right’s Double Genocide ideology. That ideology’s manifestation in discourse includes the inability or unwillingness to talk about Communist crimes without their being equalized conceptually, verbally, and legally with Nazi Genocide at each turn.

Among the “Platform members” from the Baltics are the deeply antisemitic Genocide Center in Vilnius, and the red-brown nerve center at Vilnius’s International Commission for the Evaluation of the Crimes of the Nazi and Soviet Occupation Regimes in Lithuania (known for short as the “red-brown commission”). In 2012, Lithuanian government pressure on the Israeli Foreign Ministry (in return for major diplomatic favors at the UN and beyond) led in turn to pressure on Israel’s Yad Vashem to re-join the Commission after once quitting on principle, and thereby become by implication an accomplice (by way of implicit legitimization) of the Commission’s dubious partners, including the antisemitic Genocide Center and the Prague Process Platform.

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