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The following letter to the editor from attorney Joseph Melamed, chairman of the Assoiation of Lithuanian Jews in Israel, appeared today in

Dear Editor,

The recent article by Dr. Irena Veisaite agreeing with the antisemitic establishment’s evaluation of the life’s work of Dr. Efraim Zuroff, Director of the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s Israel office and a leading historian of the Lithuanian Holocaust, has been a cause of great dismay to us, the world’s last active organization of Lithuanian Holocaust survivors and their descendants.

We have been equally dismayed by her years of betrayal of her fellow survivors and willingness to serve a Lithuanian government PR agent  who is sent far and wide to help cover up for the policies of Holocaust distortion and toleration of antisemitism in Lithuania.

We wish Dr. Veisaite well, and at the same time we ask that the readers of remember that she represents her own views and perhaps  those of high Lithuanian government officials, but certainly not those of the international community of Lithuanian Holocaust survivors who will not remain silent.
Joseph A. Melamed
Chairman, Association of Lithuanian Jews in Israel


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