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4 August 2011.  ‘BNP chief’s Hitler salute to Breivik heroine. Shock Nazi investigation’ by Brian F. Flyn in The Sun.

4 August 2011.  ‘Anti-Jewish tirades at Hungarian newspaper provoke outrage’ by Benjamin Weinthal in the Jerusalem Post.

3 August 2011‘Sandor Kepiro and the question of Hungarian justice’ by Efraim Zuroff in the Jerusalem Post.

23 July 2011.  ‘Comment: Justice on trial as Kepiro goes free’ by Anat Kalman in the Budapest Times.

8 July 2011.  Interview of Efraim Zuroff by Anat Kalman in Budapester Zeitung.

5 May 2011.  ‘Democratic Hungary’s first Nazi war crimes trial opens in Budapest’ in

3 May 2011Exclusive video of Efraim Zuroff’s final summation to the court in BudapestAlternate linkAdditional clip from the proceedings.

3 May 2011. ‘Budapest judge throws out war criminal’s “libel” case against Dr Efraim Zuroff, praises the Holocaust historian for pursuing justice’ in

28 April 2011. ‘War criminal’s “libel case” against Holocaust historian headed for verdict this Tuesday in Budapest’ in

24 January 2011‘Die letzte Instanz. Efraim Zuroff ist von Beruf Nazi-Jäger. In einem Wettlauf gegen die Zeit versucht er, Kriegsverbrecher zu überführen. Ganz oben auf seiner Liste: Sándor Képíró, beim Massaker von Novi Sad 1942 vor Ort. Der Mann ist enttarnt – und wird nun selbst zum Ankläger’ by Erich Follath in Der Spiegel.

21 January 2011Hungary: reward for antisemitic incitement’ by Karl Pfeifer in Harry’s Place.

21 January 2011.  ‘In major speech to UK’s parliament, MP MacShane confronts Hungarian injustice, Baltics’ Double Genocide campaign’ in

20 January 2011.  ‘Budapest court accepts Kepiro appeal for reinstatement of his case against Dr Zuroff’ in


16 December 2010Eyewitness report on the Efraim Zuroff trial in Budapest. in

6 December 2010‘Pro-Fascists Stage Demo for Stankeras of Vilnius — in Budapest’  by Mihály Kálmán  in

19 November 2010.  ‘Libel and the shield of truth’ ‘by Larry M. Elkin in Business Insider .

18 November  2010 . ‘Libel lawfare in Hungary: a new attack based on an old “defense”‘ by Aaron Eitan Meyer in The Lawfare Project Blog.

9 November 2010.  ‘Convicted Hungarian Nazi war criminal sues SWC Nazi hunter’ on (with text by Efraim Zuroff).

1 November 2010. ‘Antisemitism in Hungary’ by László Molnár in Institute for Global Jewish Affairs .

14 October 2010.  ‘Budapest experiences a new wave of hate’ by Erich Follath in Spiegel Online International.

14 October 2010‘Nazi Chutzpah: A libel suit against a Nazi hunter’ [Hebrew] by Benny Tucker  on Israeli Channel 7 .

11 October 2010‘Only in Eastern Europe: convicted war criminal, 96, is the plaintiff. Sensational libel trial opens in Budapest’ [by Dovid Katz] in].

1 October 2010.  Pastor Sander Nemeth receives a major award in Jerusalem, in the Jerusalem Post.

30 September 2010‘The alarming rise of Jobbik. An example of the resurgence of antisemitism in Eastern Europe’ by Laci Molnar in the Jerusalem Post).

8 August 2010‘Jobbik in parliament and out’ on Hungarian Spectrum.

28 July 2010.  ‘Race against the clock’ by Estee Rider in Mishpacha.

29 June 2010. ‘In Hungary, will give Life [imprisonment] to those who do not believe in crimes of Communists’ on

24 June 2010. ‘SS-veteránok, Jobbik, náci karikatúrák: világtalálkozó Kijevben’ by Péter Morvay on ATV [Budapest].

14 June 2010.   ‘Hungary passes controversial bill. It would equate Nazism and Communism’ by Mark Tracy in Tablet.

7 May 2010.   ‘The Speech of Pastor Sandor Nemeth at March of the Living’ . Part 2 (Youtube upload of 10 May 2010). Text of the speech on Facebook.

10 June 2010‘Hungary Equates Communism to Nazism’ on RT.

28 April 2010‘Hungary’s Antisemitic Party Gains Foothold’ by George Thomas on

21 April 2010.  ‘March for Life in Budapest. Guest post by Karl Pfeifer’ on Harry’s Place.

18 April 2010.  ‘March for Life in Budapest’ in Hungarian Spectrum (by S. Balogh). Translated into English by Karl Pfeifer, 21 April 2010 on

9 April 2010.  ‘Jobbik Holds key to war criminal’s Fate. If the ultranationalists become the main opposition in Hungary, it is unlikely Sandor Kepiro will ever be brought to Justice’ by Efraim Zuroff in the Guardian.

19 March 2010.  ‘Hungary passes landmark Holocaust Denial law’ by Benjamin Weinthal in the Jerusalem Post.


2009‘Conflicting cultures of memory in Europe: New Borders between East and West?’ by Heidemarie Uhl) in Israel Journal of Foreign Affairs 3.3: 59-72.

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