Gert Weisskirchen: On Blackwashing History



by Gert Weisskirchen

In several places in Europe, particularly in the new-accession states, there are discernible efforts to ‘blackwash’ history.

Far-right forces are hard at work to obfuscate the Holocaust, in part by defaming the victims and in part by glorifying the local perpetrators and collaborators.

Some motivations may be naive, but others consciously strive to subvert state resources to a new narrative that is false, pernicious and rooted in ultranationalist, racist and antisemitic feeling.

Even more alarming, there is much effort invested in exporting such revisionism to the European Union and beyond.

We must together stand up against such an attempt to obscure what the perpetrators of the Holocaust and their allies really did.



Gert Weisskirchen, Professor (emeritus)
Lecturer on International Relations,Willy Brandt Graduate School of Public Policy, Erfurt University, 1976 – 2009;
Member of the German National Parliament, 1999 – 2009;
Spokesman on Foreign Affairs of the Social Democratic Parliamentary Group, 2006 – 2009;
Personal Representative of the Chairman in Office of the OSCE









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