Hungarian Government’s Holocaust Policies Meet Robust Responses in 2014

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The following links represent a selection only. Sincere gratitude to Professor Michael Shafir for his assistance in tracking relevant media.

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17 August 2014. ‘Far-right sympathizers clash with protesters at World War II monument by Zoltán Szécsi.

28 July 2014. ‘US warms against rehabilitation of reputation of antisemitic figures’ by MTI.

20 July 2014.  MailOnline: ‘Hungary sets up disputed 1944 memorial’ by Associated Press (AP).

20 July 2014.  Hungarian Spectrum: ‘A historical exchange: Mária Schmidt versus Mária M. Kovács’ by Eva Balogh.

13 July 2014.  Hungarian Spectrum: ‘Mária Schmidt: Another person who chose the wrong profession’ by Eva Balogh.

12 July 2014.  Hungarian Spectrum: ‘Sándor Szakály: Portrait of a historian’ by Eva Balogh.

29 June 2014.  Hungarian Spectrum: ‘Undisguised antisemitism of Viktor Orbán’s chief ideologue, the historian Mária Schmidt’ by Eva Balogh.

9 June 2014.  Simon Wiesenthal Center: ‘Wiesenthal Center: Hungarian Supreme Court decision forbidding local media to call Jobbik ‘far right’ political party grants legitimacy to those who least deserve it’.

6 June 2014.  Court rules Jobbik cannot be called “far-right”‘.

1 June 2014.  Jerusalem Post: ‘Jews on the Eastern Front’ [review of Robert Rozett’s Conscripted Slaves] by Efraim Zuroff.

23 May 2014.  Politics.HU: ‘US senators, congressmen ask Orbán to reconsider WW2 occupation monument’ by MTI.

9 May 2014.  Hungarian Spectrum: ‘Hungary and the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance.

10 April 2014.  JTA: ‘Hungarian Jewish leader resigns’.

22 March 2014.  Hungarian Spectrum: ‘The assault on the historical memory of the Holocaust’ by Randolph L. Braham.

20 March 2014.  Hungarian Spectrum: ‘Memorial conference in Washington and Gergely Prőhle, representative of the Hungarian government’.

9 March 2014.  Hungarian Spectrum: ‘Paul A. Shapiro’s remarks on The Holocaust in Hungary: Evolution of a Genocide‘.

22 February 2014.  Jerusalem Post: ‘Hungary rewrites history. My 2012 documentary film, “Rewriting History” tracked the emergence of “double genocide,” the rewriting of the history of the Holocaust in Lithuania’ by Danny Ben-Moshe.

9 February 2014.  New York Times: ‘Hungarian Jews threaten boycott of official Holocaust events’ by Reuters.

9 February 2014.  JTA: ‘Hungary’s main Jewish umbrella votes to boycott state Holocaust commemorations’.

8 February 2014.  Hungarian Spectrum: ‘The siege of Budapest. Neo-Nazis remember the “breakthrough” of February 11, 1945’.

5 February 2014.  Forward: ‘Hungarian Jews reject state money for Holocaust anniversary events’ by JTA.

2 February 2014.  Hungarian Spectrum: ‘An open letter to Mrs. Annette Lantos’ by Mária Vásárhelyi.

2 February 2014. ‘Is Tom Lantos’s widow on Hungarian government’s list of “useful foreigners”?’

1 February 2014.  Economist: ‘Statute of limitations: a row about a statue reignites controversy over the Nazi occupation’.

January 2014.  Hungarian Spectrum: ‘A monument of self-pity and self-justification’ by István Deák.

27 January 2014New York Times: ‘Holocaust scholar returns top award to Hungary in Protest’ by Dan Bilefsky.

26 January 2014.  Arutz Sheva: ‘“Shocked” Holocaust scholar returns Hungary award. Prof. Randolph L. Braham is handing back a Hungarian state award in protest at the government’s “falsification of history”’.

26 January 2014Hungarian Spectrum: ‘Randolph L. Braham’s open letter’.

26 January 2014.  Guardian: ‘Holocaust survivor and historian returns award to Hungary in protest. Randolph Braham decries attempt to “whitewash” history. Statement coincides with far-eight Hungarian rally in London’ by Associated Press.

26 January 2014.  Forward: ‘Holocaust historian returns Hungarian honor over “whitewashing” of Shoah’ by JTA.

23 January 2014.  Hungarian Spectrum: ‘The Orban government’s war on multiple fronts’ [including: ‘Protest of Hungarian historians against the planned German occupation memorial].

22 January 2014. ‘Wiesenthal Center blasts Hungarian government’s latest distortion of the Holocaust’.

17 January 2014.  Hungarian Spectrum: ‘Sándor Szakály, the new head of the Veritas Historical Institute, is embarking on rewriting Hungarian history’ by Eva S. Balogh.

10 January 2014.  Tablet: ‘Plan to open another Holocaust museum in Budapest faces criticism — from Jews’ by Ruth Ellen Gruber.

18 December 2013.  International New York Times: ‘Is fascism returning to Europe?’ by Federico Finchelstein and Fabian Bosoer.



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